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Sat, May 17, 2008

Why Us?

Choosing a pram was one of the hardest and most confusing parts of preparing for our baby’s arrival. So many factors to consider. So much conflicting advice. So many different options, colours and accessories to choose from, never mind places to buy from and budgets to *try* and stick to (cough). Add in pregnancy brain and a complete inability to decide how quickly a potentially sickie baby might ruin an otherwise beautiful white fleece liner, and you start to understand the predicament of indecisive pregnant women the world over.

In the end, I hefted my oversized bump around a succession of department stores before admitting weary defeat and letting my husband, Paul, choose, just to have done with it.  His choice – the icandy apple travel system – and my first review can be found in the review section of this site, but I determined then and there that an impartial website that brought together the wealth of pram related information and reviews all under one roof would have been the answer to my prayers.

As this prayer remains unanswered more than 9 months after the birth of my gorgeous boy Luca, I’ve decided to go ahead and answer it myself. And thus, www.bestpram.co.uk was born.

Pram addicts and virgins, come hither. Your playground awaits…

Louise (Chief Pram Addict), Paul (long-suffering husband) and baby Luca (a.k.a. boo)

My Current Stats: two prams (Maclaren 4 Seasons, and iCandy Apple), one baby (boo – see above)

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  1. Leslie Says:

    Hi Louise, Paul and Baby Luca,

    I’m Leslie from Kid Kustoms.
    Thanks a lot for your feature and interest in the Roddler, we really appreciate it.
    We would like to get your email contacts, to add you to the Dads Against Wack Stroller list as there is an opportunity to win a free signature Roddler. Also we would like to feature your article in our website.


  2. Danielle Says:

    Hi Louise. I wish your site had been up and running 6 years ago. I have four children, the first born in 2002, and I recently totted up my pram total and made it out to be 10! 10 prams and only four children! My husband has given up! They’re like handbags though aren’t they. The ‘perfect’ one is always just around the corner. So far I have had:
    1. An old Bebecar pramette (which my mum gave me and I gave away because I wanted to buy a new one but have since regretted it as it was probably the best pram I ever had tht ticked every box!)
    2. A maclaren quest (then sold to buy,
    3. Phil and Teds double (with birth of second child
    4. Maclaren Twin (wanted them side by side, felt sorry for little bro stuffed underneath at the back)
    5. Mothercare cheapo stroller (realised I ought to have kept the Quest but too late! got rid of this because the front wheels wouldn’t swivel, duh)
    6. Another Mothercare cheapo but this time with swively wheels
    7. Bebe Confort Loola (after birth of child number three. Subsequently sold because access to the shopping basket drove me mad and I couldn’t push it with one hand!)
    8. Mamas & Papas Venezia (though it would be better with big basket but actually I didn’t get on with it.)
    9. Mamas & Papas ancient pramette from ebay, didn’t push very well so got rid.
    10. Silver Cross Classic 2 in 1 pram for the bargain price of 99p (for my fourth baby).
    So at the moment I have the phil and teds, the mothercare jive and the silver cross. I love the silver cross, it’s so pretty and smooth to push but rubbish round shops as the front wheels don’t turn. The basket is huge though and my son faces me which I like.
    I have to confess I feel a new purchase coming on though as I want something lightweight, manouverable, parent facing, small folding and with a single handle so I can hold my 3-year old’s hand. It’s a toss up between the bugaboo bee or the new jane solo reverse. There isn’t much difference in the price. I am reading reviews like a true obsessive! The show off in me would like a bee and I like how it handles after having a play in mothercare. I’d like to get my hands on a jane solo to try it out but they don’t have it in mothercare. Anyway I’ve rambled on enough. time for me to go finding more reviews!!

  3. admin Says:

    Wow Danielle, if I was wearing a hat I would bow down and take it off to you!! You have thrown down the gauntlet to pram addicts everywhere and have gone straight in to the number one spot in the Premiership pram-owning league … can anyone out there beat TEN prams? (and be willing to admit it, lol?!!)

    It’s so great to hear from you. Thanks so much for getting in touch – I, of course, wish you all the very best on your hunt for lucky number 11 [whisper] The Beeeeeeeee…. you know you want to ;o) [/whisper]

    Louise (quite clearly a Sunday League amateur in the pram-buying stakes!)

  4. Danielle Says:

    Ha ha, your reply as just made me laugh out loud! I know I should be embarrassed shouldn’t I? I am embarrased! I’m hoping to have another baby next year so god only knows what my final tally will be? And I’ve carried baby number four in a sling for the past year too, imagine if I hadn’t. I’d be well into the teens by now!
    Must go and check my ebay listings, need to raise my Bee funds somehow! :=))
    x x

  5. Louise Jayne Broome Says:

    Well I was a completely new to pram experience and gladly accepted a hand me down graco city sport with car seat so my little baby girl could face me, it seemed to do the job…..well little did I know tht pram envy would soon set in once me and new born were out in public, I felt like the only new mum without a new pram so the story begins…
    Little Baby G soon outgrew car seat, and I hated the idea of her not facing me, so
    No.2 was a bootfair bargain of an older silver cross style that faced me but I found the seat to low to the floor and tyres not swivel that well.
    No.3 was a BRAND NEW and not cheap Chicco for me parent facing lovely funky looking stroller with all cream/beige fabric, great for a while, (oh has terribly flimsy hood) until she reached around 6 months then one day while pushing up a rather big hill the wind picked up and the stroller nearly blew over!!! that had to go,
    No.4 was a mamas papas lovley parent facing sturdy pram that certainly would not blow over, but alas it was on a classic chassis and I needed swivel wheels, so onto
    No.5, I was told by a friend to try Air Tyres as makes it alot easier to push, so I found an amazing Bebecar in light grey and Black, extremley well built looked classy and I stuck to it for some time, until the drag of not having swivel wheels struck home once again (my little one was getting heavier and picking up pram to turn corners everytime was getting to be a pain in butt!!)
    No.6 Decided to try a stoller style for change Inglesina zippy, terrible shopping basket and again didnt face me, so back to drawing board once again,
    No 7, Found a bargain and tried Graco quattro very sturdy but rather heavy and the tray seemed to close to my little ones tummy so that didnt last long, (My mother loved it though!!!)
    No 8, thought I try anothe stroller style so had a Tutti Bambino bright pink one, a heavier stroller but great room in seat very well made, but still didnt face me ( use it still for places where prams to big to go ie buses etc as we dont drive)
    No 9, found great Chelsea baby pink pram with rear Air Tyres and was advertised as can be parent facing, thought we had cracked it, lovley new pram, light easy to fold all brilliant I thought no more pram shopping, it arrived but alas Did not have parent facing function, so we were given a discount and our search continued…
    No 10, is a Maxi Cosi Mura 3 ticks most boxes, parent facing/forward facing Air Tyres and swivel wheels, almost perfect, apart from its a bit wider at the wheel base than most, making it a bit alkward for some shops, apart from that can fault it, very smooth to push, very roomy for my little one
    No 11, is a Hauck Infinity, smaller then maxi cosi mura, has Air tyres and can be parent or forward facing, so far so good,,,,,,, and to think my little one now only 18mths, thats alot of prams/pushchairs, ….oh not counting the HUGE Silver Cross Vintage Pram kept at the GrandParents, I hope my search is now over, so your not alone in QUEST FOR PRAM, its one of those things that never even enter you mind until you become a Mother, and thats just where the worrie begins…..LOL

  6. Danielle Says:

    My goodness Louise, you beat me!! Well actually….
    I sold my Silver Cross on ebay recently to buy
    Number 11. A Nurse Hello (by Jane) which looks like a Bugaboo, has air filled rear tyres and faces me! I thought it was the perfect pushcair. But guess what, atfer using it a grand total of 2 times, it’s back ebay and I’ve bought
    Number 12. A Maclaren Techno XT. I’d like to say that’s it, I’m done. But Mamas and Papa’s are about to bring out something called Mylo which looks very interesting…..
    (So if you fancy having a go at a Nurse Hello, I know where there’s a practically new one for sale on ebay at a bargain price! LOL)

  7. admin Says:

    Ah – look at you both! It’s like two long lost pram-addicted souls meeting at last, lol! Never mind ebay, you could open up a second hand pram shop between you (providing you were allowed to take each other’s for a test drive first, eh?!)

    I’m so pleased you have both confessed to your addiction – it makes my pitiful lusting after number 4 (an out and about nipper if either of you or anyone else has had a play?) seem positively restrained! Loving your work guys 🙂

    Louise xxx

  8. Anpasi Says:

    oh im so glad its not just me!
    im what you would call a pramoholic,i have four children including twins….over the years i have had a huge amount of prams and pushchairs.
    my baby is 10 months old so far we have had;
    1)ziko herbie hated it from the first push outside…waste of £500
    2) Britax Visio travel system….nice but not trendy enough
    3)Luna….good car buggy
    4)Bebe confort loola in red….love it
    5) silvercross Halo…not impressed,the hood inside digs in to my babys head,hes not comfortable in it at all.used twice.
    6)bebeconfort Loola UP in cream…love it

    I buy prams,because its a passion!,and love a change in colours and styles!

    7) will be a Maxi cosi Mura in blue ive got my eye on!

  9. admin Says:

    These comments are cracking me up now… I LOVE you guys and your crazy pram addictions that make mine seem so tame and restrained in comparison, lol! You’re all totally brilliant. Mad but brilliant ;o)

    I’m now starting to think this phenomenon isn’t quite as unusual as I imagined and the trickle could easily turn into a deluge of people confessing to their very own pram graveyards. Come out, come out wherever you are – the Pram Addicts Anonymous (PAA) group is here to support you as you unburden yourself of the heap of prams you’ve loved and left over the years in search of an even bigger high, sorry, sigh…lol.


  10. Emma Cunningham Says:

    Hi Louise,

    I loved this thread, I’m not quite yet ready for motherhood myself yet but if I was looking for prams, I’d definitely know where to go for reviews!!

    I have to admit that I was actually initially looking at your site as a potential partner for our affiliate program (Shopzilla UK Publisher program) and apologies for using the comment feature but I couldn’t find any contact details for you.

    I then spent 20 minutes reading some of your previous articles and reading the whole of this thread from top to bottom (!!), great stuff.

    Was hoping just to let you know that we offer loads of pram related products and babycare on shopzilla.co.uk and if you’re interested in joining our affiliate program at all, we’d be delighted to have you on board.

    Would be great to hear from you.


    p.s. you guys are hilarious, it got better and better and I wish you luck with the pram hunting!

  11. lisa Says:

    hi ladies.
    i saw this and just had to reply.
    my total to date is 6. and im only on my second child!
    I am currently deciding on number 7 lol.
    I had a graco travel system with my 1st child but soon bought a hauck disney travel system because my other half wanted a pink buggy lol.
    that was the biggest mistake ever! it was horrible!
    i then bought a toys r us stroller which was great.
    when i was pregnant with my second child i found a lovely pink pram on ebay. called ‘chelsea baby’ it is a lovely pram but is so big i cant get it in the boot of smaller cars, and also it wont fold when in the pushchair position.
    I have a O’Baby double pushcair. and a Quinny buzz.
    Im now running out of space!!!!
    any advice on the next one???

  12. Amanda Says:

    I just wanted to say that ‘pram envy’ isn’t a new phenomenon *grin*. Mine goes back 19 years to when I had my first daughter, we just didn’t have a lot of choice then. I really envy you all the massive choice you get now! I’m already making shortlists of prams for a future ‘grandbaby’, as Eldest’s already told me she’s going to be settling down with her childhood sweetheart, ready to procreate in the next year or so. Well, isn’t it my job to buy my first GrandBaby’s pram *coughs*? Anyway, my rundown was this:
    1. Silver Cross puschair I can’t remember the model, but faced both ways and I hated it because my friend had the one with swivel wheels and thought she was IT!!
    2. 2 Silver Cross coach built prams too – 1 at my Mum’s in the North East of England and 1 at my home in London.
    3. Second hand Emmaljunga in a blue leather fabric. Was given this as one of the wheels kept coming off. I was a Mum with very little money at the time, so my Dad fixed the wheel and I was off and running (well, not really RUNNING, but you know what I mean…)
    4. McLaren E-Type stroller. This was amazing and I loved it!

    With baby number 2 I had the Emmaljunga and a brand new Eichhorn 3-in-1 in a navy-and-pink check fabric. These were incredibly expensive then, you didn’t see them anywhere, and heads turned everywhere I went! Baby number 1 (that makes 2 daughters) was 22 months old, and I thought she’d either walk, or buggy boards had just come out then, so I got one of those. She wouldn’t even stand up! Wanted to be in the pram where she thought she belonged, so I got…
    5. Graco tandem something-or-other. Built like a tank, toddler in front-baby in back, but looked very uncomfortable for newborn. I’m only 5’3″, and I had to literally bounce on the handle to get it up a kerb! When daughter no 2 could sit up I got
    6. Some side-by-side generic make pushchair that was really cheap, as no 1 still wouldn’t walk (I ended up pushing her to and from nursery most days when she was 3 and 4!)This thing didn’t even lie back! There were also the
    7. 2 Marmet coach built prams, as per baby number 1. One for mine and my Mum’s house. These were both second hand, but they were so easy to come by in the 90’s, pre-owned. (I wish I held onto stuff!!(

    I then had a 7 year break until no 3 made an appearance. By this time I was 34 and more ‘comfortable’ financially. A Boy!!!!
    8. Emmaljunga 3 in 1. Just before they introduced adjustable handles, duh!
    9. Mamas and Papas car seat and chassis for shopping. Not strictly a pram/pushchair but cost a bloody fortune – we didn’t even have a car at the time!!!
    10. Graco CitiSport. Amazing for going back and forth between the NE and London, could wheel it down the aisle on a train without having to collapse it.
    11. Jane something that I bought second hand and passed on really quickly.
    12. A ghastly green and black 3-wheeler 3 in 1 that I gave away just as quickly. Hated the 3 in 1s with a passion, and still do (just MHO, nothing personal)
    13. A blue with yellow trim pushchair, also a generic make with chunky swivel wheels that I should have kept, it was the best pushchair I’d had, apart from the Emmaljungas, but the snob in me went for…
    14. A Teutonia Y2K2, which was the model one up from the one that the Beckhams had for Brooklyn. I just saw his, got the brochure and fell in love with this. My son was 2 by that time, and the Teutonia with accessories came to just over £750, but I just wanted it so badly!! Got it and I hated it. It handled like a bloody tank, but I loved the disc brakes, the flashing lights on either side and the front for being out in the dark (happened only once – who takes their baby out in the dark??). It just looked gorgeous, but was sooo heavy. As I said before, I’m only short, but had muscles like Bluto’s from handling this thing.

    I still have the Emmaljunga from my youngest in the attic, as the bassinette is huge, more than big enough for my granbabies to stay overnight as newborns. The bassinette’s on the new models look much smaller. My son could easily lie down full length in his even when he was 2, and I loved the back rest in it. I’m looking at the Orbit system for the first grandchild then…well, that’ll be his/her first one, then if my daughter is anything like me…?

  13. admin Says:

    Whooo hooooo! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a brand new new contender in the Pram Addicts Premiership, and what a contender she is – coming from nowhere and blasting straight to the NUMBER ONE spot! 🙂

    A huge warm welcome to you, Amanda. You’re clearly completely bonkers, of course 😉 but you’re in very good company here so we’ll budge up and make room for you! Your grandbabies will be very lucky babies indeed 🙂

    Louise xxx

  14. Amanda Says:

    ROFLMBO!!! Yes, I was so glad to find this thread with everyone talking aout their pram.stroller.pushchair addictions, as my whole family thought I was nuts, buying one set of wheels after another!! I’m now proud to be one of your number, ladies – long may we all keep buying them until OUR wheels fall off, never mind theirs *chuckles*! I’m rather tempted by something called an iCoo Platon 4. It looks amazing for the price. For my GrandBaby when he/she comes along, of course. I might be odd, but I’ve always kept abreast of the latest strollers-I’m truly addicted to them, even though I don’t have a babba to push around any more. Mind you, you know you’re addicted/need to be ‘sectioned’ when you find yourself ‘rocking’ a shopping trolley back and forth out of habit when your last baby is walking everywhere and you miss pushing them *huge embarrassed grin*!!

    Oh, I also missed a pushchair out of my list. I bought a Mutsy
    Urban Rider after the Teutonia, as pushing that tank was making all of my muscles ache like no ones business! I loved the steering and the way to adjust the handle height on that one, plus the way that the pram ag fastened on to the back of the seat when I took the hood off.I would recommend it to anyone. Believe it or not, my little fella will be 10 this July and the Mutsy is still standing in the downstairs lobby being a very expensive sleeping place for my cats!! I’ve forgotten how to collapse it, otherwise it’d be in the attic along with the Emmaljunga!!! Any help with that, anyone?

    Thamk you so much for that lovely welcome too, Louise! I’m loving this site, and it’s been saved to ‘favourites’ right next to the ‘tacky weddings’ site – you’re both equally addictive!!!

    Manda xxx

  15. Danielle Says:

    Amanda! I’m impressed! What did you get to? 15? I’m only on 12! I bet your daughter ends up just like you, and there’s EVEN MORE choice now! My youngest wants to walk all the time so my new MacLaren hardly gets an airing. Hasn’t stopped me lusting after the new Mamas & Papas Mylo or Urbo though!

  16. Andrew Martin Says:

    Anyone heard of/got info on the Seed pushchair which folds really small and is a combined carrycot and pushchair. I have come across them on internet but cannot see any in store??


  17. Jane Says:

    I’ve had 3 children and the only Pram i’ve ever had is the Bugaboo Frog, the best pram/pushchair ever, so light, so easy to manouver you can have your child faceing you or faceing out it’s brilliant! and if your having your first child and planning more it is worth the investment, it is also fully washable and still looks like new 6 years on, I don’t know if the frog is still available but I’m sure they’ve only got better, I’m keeping it forever, maybe for my gran children, I love it.

  18. Danielle Says:

    Hi Jane. I think if the truth be known, I always wanted a Bugaboo but didn’t feel I could spend that much money on a pram! Daft when you think I’ve probably spent twice that much trying out cheaper ones and discovering they were rubbish!

  19. laura Says:

    hi just saw this thread and had to comment. I have had 2 children and managed to get my total pram count to 43!!! i couldnt even remember all of them to list here but i guess ive tried pretty much everyone going lol. Im now planning my 3rd child so heaven knows what my final pram count will be! they’re just so addictive. 🙂

  20. Amanda Says:

    Just an update…well, number 1 daughter had a ‘life reshuffle’ – changed fellas, moved 50 miles etc and now can’t believe she wanted to settle down so young! Number 2’s little boy due yesterday so on tenterhooks and can’t wait to push him in the Emmaljunga Smart 3-in1 I bought him. Yup, this old warhorse is sticking with those tanks, lol. Good job DD2 loves them too. Already have my eye on the Silver Cross Pop (same one I bought my godson last year) for when he’s a little older.im a creature of habit, aren’t I? Hope you’re all well into double figures by now, ladies?

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