Has the Bugaboo Bee got the X-Factor?

Tue, May 27, 2008

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Editor’s Note April 2009: this review is from May 2008 but continues to be one of our most popular posts. If you’re on the hunt for a Bugaboo Bee, then be sure to have a look at our Cheapest Bugaboo Bee page which is updated with the latest best price available, taking any special offers or discount codes into account.

The Bugaboo Bee is what I like to call a ‘grower’. It grabs your attention with its refusal to conform, and while you make your mind up about whether or not you’re going to break its heart with a Simon Cowell-esque: ‘it’s a no from me’, it courts you gently, the old-fashioned way, with a list of undeniable benefits even your grandmother would have trouble rebutting.

If you’re still at the audition stage of buying a pram, and haven’t yet made your mind up whether or not the Bugaboo Bee is the star you’re looking for, Best Pram would recommend you take a couple of minutes to watch this inspired video the designers released, which demonstrates its selling points better than any pram catalogue I’ve ever read.

Watch it, smile and then hold your score card in the air while you decide whether the Bugaboo Bee truly has the X-factor you’re looking for. And if it does, the only other decision you’ll have to make is this … what colour will you be???!

Yellow Red Blue Khaki Black Treasu(RED)


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  1. Erik Rochelmeyer, Amardeep Singh Says:

    We have this Bugaboo Bee and we have had a lot of problems with it. It demonstrates that money does not always buy you the best. We have fallen back on the cheap Zia three wheeler because it is simple, reliable, lighter and easier to use. We think the Bee is trying to be too clever. The brakes failed, the handle bar adjustment has failed, bits snapped off of it within minutes of us trying to use it. It’s hard to fold and erect when ‘baby faces you’. On the other hand it pushes nicely, steers well, the shopping basket is quite good it also is very eye catching. If you want to show off with it then buy it! If you want to be pragmatic then steer clear of it. My wife has had sleepless nights over this pram!!!!!!!!!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks very much for the feedback on the Bee. It just shows how some of the most popular prams on the market are a bit like Marmite, with people either loving them or hating them, and often with very justifiable reasons as you have experienced and posted about here. I had the same issues with my iCandy Apple. Whilst friends were raving on about how much they loved it, I was having no end of trouble with it. My issues were resolved in the end, but it shows how it’s worth doing your homework first.

    I do love the look of the Bee, and it ticks a lot of my boxes, but I’d urge everyone to gather a range of opinions and reviews before making their final choice. Along with the feedback posted here, some extremely positive reviews can be found on the Mothercare website, underneath the actual Bugaboo Bee description.

    Would be interested in more views on this from other readers.



  3. Louise R Says:

    Hi, I love the look of the Bee. However, I was going to buy a Quinny Buzz but I keep changing my mind all the time! I bought the Dreami carrycot for the Buzz, but was wondering do you think the carrycot would go on the Bee, as the carseat adapters can also be used for the carrycot? Helpppppp please!

  4. andrea Says:

    We are about to return our Bugaboo Bee to the shop for the second time. We have had huge problems with the backrest on both bees. It does not move easily to fold and then each time, the brackets have become loose on one side until the backrest won’t stay up once you have folded it out again.
    There are loads of great things about it, but now my lo is 20months old, he looks squashed in it and his feet just dangle as there isn’t a step for his feet. We are currently using a trusty maclaren…Hope this is useful to somebody.

  5. Sam Says:

    I have just returned my 3rd Bee to John Lewis after having different problems with each, in the end I decided to change it for a Quinny Buzz 4. I wish I’d have got it from the start. At the moment I’m using the normal seat that comes with the pushchair but there is a larger seat called the XL that comes with it for when baby gets bigger.
    I would not recommend the Bugaboo Bee as it seems to be a case of style over substance.

  6. steve+rose Says:


    we’re currently awaiting baby number 1 in a couple of months time, and are wanting to make a decision about prams. originally we were quite taken with the quinny buzz but more recently have become curious about the bugaboo bee.

    we live in london and at the moment don’t have a car, so will be relying on public transport and walking a lot. that’s where we started wondering whether the lighter and more compact bee would be a better bet. we’re also on the first floor so have a set of stairs to negotiate just to get out the door!

    one thing that makes me nervous about the bee is whether it copes with walking in parks, cobbled streets etc. are there any users out there that could give us any feedback on that?

    also, regarding the buzz – how do people find getting that on and off buses etc?

    looking forward to hearing any feedback or comments anyone might have.


  7. Annie Says:

    We choose the full bee travel system as it is so neat, light and easy to use. We have used the system from day one (bee, babynest & maxi-cosi car seat) and it has prooved to be worth every penny. It is fantastic for city use as all parts are so lightweight (also great for stairs) and folds easily, in one piece, it’s really easy to steer (one handle instead of two – can be pushed with one hand if you really need to) and is compact for use on public transport or moving in and out of the boot. The size is great – the narrow width means you can negotiate any narrow aisle or pavement and the adjustable handle is a real plus. We have used the bee on most surfaces, both in the city and country, the only surface we have had any problem on is loose gravel – although this is a real test for most small wheeled buggies. This is a great piece of kit – and the 2 year warranty is a bonus too!

  8. Corrie Says:

    Well ive got the quinny buzz in pink the upsides are

    *Folds really small and great carry bag
    *Very light
    *Great colours and price
    *Good quality

    Only major down falls i found is the seat does not recline and is in an upright position so not good for sleeping babies, although you can use the maxi cosi carseat. Also i found it tipps over all the time especially when going round corners on the bus.
    There are alternatives that are very simillar Petite Star zia and babies r us peasto (worth having a look.
    I am currently looking at the Bugaboo Bee but quite a lot of money!! lol!! would defo have one tho!!!

  9. Nikki Says:

    Hey i have got a thing for buggies and i am considering gettin the bugaboo bee but thinkin not to now as some reviews are not very good about it. am stuck now if any one can give me morre advise about it id be greatful. thanks

  10. kate Says:

    i ahve had both a quinny buzz and now have the bugaboo bee.

    i love my bee! its easy to fold and unfold, simple to switch round the seat, huge hood, and big shopping basket. ive not had any problems with mine. i also like that it has a 2 year warranty. its soooo easy to manuver round busy shops.

    my larger sized 2 and a half year old fits in fine and will happily sleep in it. the recline is very easy (much easier than the buzz). for the above reviewer Corrie tho the buzz does recline for sleepy babies, but i dont like the way babies legs are in the air when reclined on teh buzz. the bee is much flatter.

    brilliant pushchair. in a class of its own!

  11. beaufleur Says:

    HI, I love the bee I recently purchased and love it’s compact fold, but I have an issue with the buttons to close the buggy. The one with the black button doesn’t budge after I try to push it up in order for it to close.

    Does anyone know why my bee does that?
    Other than that I think it’s a bit heavy, since I am used my Volo whenever I use public transit.

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