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Wed, May 21, 2008

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iCandy Apple Travel SystemiCandy Apple Travel System

I’d love to be able to say the iCandy Apple was a good buy for our baby, but it’s definitely been a love/hate relationship. Almost a year since we started using it, it’s fair to say we’re both very much in love with it again, but we’ve had a number of problems along the way – some downright dangerous and others just disappointing – which, considering its cost,  has sadly taken some of the shine of the rose-tinted specs.

The iCandy Apple is a stunning pushchair. Obviously, taste is very much a matter of personal opinion, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been stopped in the street by someone wanting to know what make it is.  But I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any teething issues with it. Speaking to a seller at the Baby Show last week, it would seem that iCandy are aware of the issues I’ll go on to discuss and claim that these have now been resolved by the introduction of a new chassis. In which case, you’d do well to bear this point in mind when reading about the problems we experienced and reserve judgement until you can test-drive it for yourself. But the fact remains that for those of us who bought our pushchairs in the early days and thus became rather expensive guinea pigs, the road has been a little more fraught with problems.

To start at the beginning, it was love at first sight when we saw it. My husband, especially, was completely bowled over by the sleek, masculine and understated design, and felt sure it ticked every single one of our boxes.  Forward and rear-facing? Yes! Handle-height adjustable? Yes! Maxi cosi cabriofix car seat compatible? Yes! The list went on and on, and after a couple of test-drives around the shop, we were both completely sold.

At the time we bought it – April 2007 – it was often compared to the extremely popular Bugaboo Chameleon, probably because they’re not too dissimilar in looks and both were very different from the run of the mill pushchairs around at the time and therefore seemed somewhat more exclusive, though with a never-ending parade of brightly coloured Bugaboos jostling for position on every high street in the country right now, I’m not sure this is the case any more! 

In retrospect and joking aside, maybe this is a crucial point. With new pushchairs, you have to take a leap of faith that they’ll stand the test of time. No-one’s been there before you using it for any real length of time, so user reviews like this one are extremely hard to find. The Bugaboo, it would seem, has more than earned its reputation as one of the most popular pushchairs of all time. The majority of people who’ve been using them with what was a baby and is now a toddler, are still shouting from the roof tops about how much they love their bugs.  What better advert could there be?

At the time, however, with the Apple pram being new, different and – at £399 for the pushchair and carrycot  combination – coming in at around £200 cheaper than the Bugaboo Chameleon, there wasn’t much we didn’t love about this beautiful new pushchair design.  We had NO doubts whatsoever as we handed over our hard earned cash, which, together with £50 for the footmuff,  oh, and don’t forget £30 for the matching changing bag, gave us one whole pound change out of £480.  Ker-ching!

Assembling the Travel System

The first decision you have to make when you get your pram out of the box is whether you want it to be in 3-wheel mode like a jogger, or 4-wheel mode like a traditional pram/travel system. This is not as simple as you might imagine, as the pushchair can only ever be one or the other, and switching between the two involves completely removing and replacing the wheels. With tools!  Not something you can do on a whim while doing your weekly shop.

Given that this pram would be carrying the most precious cargo of all – our soon to be born Boo – we opted for substance over style and plumped initially for the 4-wheel option. It just felt like it would be sturdier.  At this point, I’ll admit to knowing nothing about the mechanics of putting the iCandy together. One look at the disassembled wheels lying forlornly next to the instructions’ booklet brought me out in a cold sweat,  so husband Paul was summoned with a lofty wave in the general direction of the heap of pram parts and told to ‘sort it’. As I was 7 months pregnant at the time, with a bump that looked like I was smuggling not one but several basketballs, he bit back whatever retort he might otherwise have thrown at me, and 30 minutes later (after much swearing!) summoned me back with a smug ‘ta-dah’ to show me our beautiful, assembled pram. Wow!

What did you love about the iCandy Apple Travel System?

As we’d bought the full travel system, including carrycot, this is what we used first, and it’s a fabulous, practical, considered design. We literally can’t fault it.  The big, air-filled tyres and all round suspension ensured the smoothest of rides, no matter what the terrain, and Boo always looked comfortable and cosy while out and about. Boo was a summer baby, and we did worry about the combination of an all- black carrycot with blazing summer heat, but it’s so roomy that air was able to circulate freely and he never got overly hot and bothered. The carrycot is lovely and high compared to its competitors, meaning you’re really close to baby while pushing it out and about, or stopping for coffee somewhere, and we especially loved the handy flip-down bar underneath the carrycot which attached to the front of the shopping basket, making it sturdier and safer still. Some travel systems we tried, including the Bugaboo, seemed to bounce around quite alarmingly in carrycot mode, so having this additional stabilising device on the Apple was a real bonus.

We used the carrycot for 5/6 months and got every penny of our money’s worth out of it, especially by buying an additional, vented mattress and using it as a moses basket too.  With the apron cover on, and the hood in the upright position, the carrycot shields out the vast majority of outside light and noise, and Boo would happily spend all evening asleep in our lounge, before being carried upstairs, still sound asleep, to our bedroom for the night. The carrycot hood has a handy gap at the top, so you can hold the foam covered  handle and carry it quite safely. If truth be told, Boo has never slept quite so well since (sob!).

iCandy apple travel system

The compatibility with the maxi cosi cabrio car seat (with the use of car seat adaptors that come with the carrycot) is also not a feature to be sniffed at. The ability to leave baby relatively undisturbed while you pop the car seat on and off the chassis and in and out of the car while you run errands, nip to the shops, or visit friends, was one of our best-loved and most-used features of the pram. Boo’s in the next stage car seat now, but we got over 8 months use out of it, often up to 3 or 4 times a week (only for very short periods at a time), and I’ve really missed being able to use it.

I also love the shopping basket on the Apple, which handles pretty much everything I can throw at it (or stuff under it!) and the height adjustable handle – operated by simply squeezing the grey button on the handle and pulling/pushing it to your preferred height – has had an untold amount of stick (as Paul and I both prefer different heights) but still works like a dream.

iCandy Apple Travel System

In 3-wheel pushchair mode, I loved that I could keep Boo rear-facing and smile at him while he slowly got used to the sights and sounds of the world around him. Then, a few months down the line (when he suddenly became Mr Independent and fed up of looking at his Mum’s ugly mug) change it to forward-facing in a matter of seconds.

The pushchair seat has plenty of room to accommodate a growing child (though the harness does seem disproportianately big even on the smallest setting!), and I feel sure we’ll get our 2-3 years worth of use out of it.  Which leads me on to another of its greatest selling points…

What about the iCandy Pear?

iCandy Pear

An additional selling feature for anyone considering buying the iCandy Apple at the same time as ourselves,  was the eagerly awaited release of a ‘convertor’ kit which would somehow turn it into a double pram/pushchair. This idea is now a reality and the iCandy Pear multi-mode system, boasting 20 different combinations, is available to buy, with owners of the original Apple system able to ‘upgrade’ their system by paying £249 for a ‘pip’ converter. As this is something we’ve neither bought, nor road-tested, I won’t review the iCandy Pear here, suffice to say this was, and is, a massive selling point of the Apple for anyone with plans to extend their family in the future.

What are the downsides?

Ok, this is where the review gets tricky, as I’m conscious that iCandy have developed a new chassis to fix a lot of these issues.  However, in the interests of complete honesty, I’ll start with the biggie and tell you I had a simply terrifying experience pushing Boo on our narrow and very traffic-heavy high street one day when, without warning, the front wheels jammed,  and the forward motion of me pushing behind it meant I quite literally rammed it into the road.  I don’t need to over-egg this particular pudding. I’m sure you can all imagine how upset I was about the what ifs, and how angry I was that it could have happened at all, though thankfully we were both fine.

My first reaction was to phone iCandyuk and tell them what had happened and ask for their advice. At this point, their customer services team fell at the first hurdle by refusing point blank to even speak to me about the incident, insisting that I should speak to the place I bought it from.

So I did. And they were wonderful. A new chassis was promptly ordered and the old one taken away “for testing”. But the new chassis looked different. Where mine was plain on the side panels, the new one had ‘iCandy’ printed along the side. 

I’ve subsequently discovered, speaking to other owners in forums and real life, that I was not alone in experiencing this jamming issue – far from it, in fact – and the new iCandy-branded chassis was released to fix it. With this in mind, I’m very disappointed that previous customers like myself – some of whom had only been using their pram for a matter of months – weren’t proactively contacted to arrange a replacement chassis. We wouldn’t have been hard to find. iCandyuk only deal with selected retailers, and if a problem is sufficiently serious to warrant a complete redesign and recall of the old stock from retailers, then surely it’s serious enough to consider the consequences of NOT contacting customers who had bought the old design, and therefore might be affected by the locking wheels issue.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, as our new chassis – being used in 3-wheel, pushchair mode – is fantastic. So fantastic, that we now know we actually had another problem with the old chassis, in that I found it almost impossible to fold. Whilst Paul had the strength to collapse it pretty much every time, I found myself in tears on more than one occasion with a pram that refused to fold after 10, 20, 30 attempts, day after day after day. Sadly, I’m really not exaggerating. The new chassis, on the other hand, has presented no such problems and folds like a dream, so I can only surmise the old chassis was faulty in this respect also. There is a definite knack to folding it as you push forwards towards the wheels rather than the down towards the floor. If you’re having problems, any iCandy retailer – who will be trained in how to use the system – should be able to demonstrate it for you.

Our other issues with the pram are  personal niggles really, as I’m aware all pushchair systems will have their own idiosyncrasies whilst you get to grips with using them. For example, I find the pushchair hood near impossible to extend fully without first unhooking it from the back of the pushchair, opening it out and then re-attaching it to the back of the pushchair.  Also, I sometimes wonder whether the designers think we all have three arms and not two, as altering the seat position requires you to hold in buttons on either side of the pushchair and push down or backward, depending on which direction you want to go.  If I’m on my own, I usually have to do this manoeuvre with my knee or elbow which, if nothing else, raises an amused grin from Boo!

And finally, the other main issue – not necessarily a downside, but certainly an issue you really need to take into consideration – is It’s heavy. Really heavy. I dismissed this when we were road-testing it ourselves (quite easy to do when you’re pushing it jauntily around the shop without a baby inside!), but when you add a 20+lb growing baby complete with bulging changing bag to a 15kg system, you really feel it.  For me personally, the weight is actually a plus point.  It brings to mind images of a tank in terms of safety, and I feel like I’m getting a proper workout when Boo and I head out for our daily stroll. And don’t get me wrong, the large, air-filled tyres mean – despite its weight – it’s lovely to push. But if you’re going to be using public transport a lot, or be in and out of your car (and thus needing to separate the pram from the chassis before you can collapse, lift and stow it) I’ll go out on a limb and say this pram probably isn’t for you (have a look at the much lighter iCandy Cherry instead).

Think the iCandy Apple is the best pram for you?  Click here to read our quick-fire buying guide first

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  1. Martina Graham Says:

    I really love my icandy apple (as does little Joe) and have just converted to a Pear for number 2 (coming very soon!) What a fantastic (BRITISH!!!) product range this is. So practical, cool-looking, and functional.

  2. Daisy Says:

    Hi, i currently have a 20mth old little girl. I am due a new addition to our family in June 09, so will have a new born and a 28mth old. Would the apple / pear be any good? Would it be worth buying the apple, and then adding the pip to it, as i am sure my older daughter will want to walk alot so i dont want baby to be comprimised by the smaller pear seat when using it as an apple?

    Any advice would be much appriciated. It is either i buy this or phil n teds, but i like the apple more as its a sturdy single buggy. Would you agree?

  3. Rebecca Gallimore Says:

    Am in the process of considering upgrading my Apple to a Pear and am so pleased to read this review. The information about the chassis is really useful; I bought my Apple in 2006 and have hated it ever since! I find it extremely difficult to manouevre round corners and as a result quite unstable. I now realise this may have something to do with the chassis problem mentioned and intend to take this up with iCandy. Despite saying I hate it, having spent a small fortune on it I feel I should investigate the Pear options.

  4. admin Says:

    @ Rebecca: Thanks for the feedback – glad you found the review useful. Definitely speak to icandy about your chassis, though I suspect you’ll be referred to the place you bought it from (they wouldn’t deal directly with me). For what it’s worth, I’ve had no problems with the new chassis – been using it for over a year now, and am throughly in love with my Apple again! In terms of the Pear, I haven’t had chance to road-test it yet, but see the link I’ll post below for Daisy which you might also find helpful.

    @ Daisy – thanks for getting in touch, please accept my sincere apologies for slow reply. I’ve been trying to organise a road test of the Pear so I can do a proper review for all Best Pram readers. I should get chance to do this in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I’d recommend all potential Pear-purchasers have a read of the comments here from some real-life Pear owners who are far more knowledgeable in this area than myself: http://my.bounty.com/forums/post/3/1011678/1/1/1/ICandy-PEAR—Review.htm Oh, and many congratulations on the impending new arrival – wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    Thanks again to you both,


  5. aj Says:

    hi am thinking about changing my 2008 quinny buzz 3 for an icandy apple ? any advise… am i doing the right thing ?? please help ??

  6. admin Says:

    Hi aj

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll do my best to help you, but can you tell me a little bit more about why you’re thinking of changing your pram? What aren’t you happy with about the Quinny? What age baby/child will the Apple by used for?

    For example, just comparing a couple of items on the specifications of both, the Apple is VERY heavy, and I imagine will feel even heavier to you if you’ve been used to the Quinny. On the other hand, the Apple has a roomier seat, and the carrycot, especially, is superb (though this would only be relevant if you using the pram with a newborn). Both are compatible with a maxi cosi cabriofix car seat, and both have height adjustable handlebars (though the Apple has the highest maximum handlebar height on the market, I believe).

    If you want to give me a bit more info about what you’re looking for in your new pram, and why you aren’t happy with the Quinny, I’ll do my best to give you some pointers on what prams might suit you best – if not the Apple, I’m sure we can find something to suit you.

    Will look forward to hearing back from you,


  7. aj Says:

    i love my quinny buzz but its little niggles that really bug me might sound silly but they drive me mad. The shopping basket is hopeless cant get much in it considering it was an extra. Its ment to be one handed unfold but thats not the case the release catch is a two hand and one knee job. Being a 3 wheeler its good in some situations but sometimes i wish it was 4 and although it looks really simple to change it to a 4 wheeler quinny dont do a conversion kit.I have a vw golf and the quinny just fits in but it wont fit in my mothers new style corsa. My little one is 9 months. we often go to the beach and up the mountains for a walk i also go to horse shows quite often which is why the 4 wheels would be handy.

    kind regards

  8. admin Says:

    Hi again aj

    Apologies for the delay in replying. I’ve had to change my son’s nursery and get him re-settled into the new one, so all my plans have gone pear-shaped this week.

    In terms of the apple, I’m reasonably confident in thinking the Apple won’t be the best pram for you, unfortunately. On the upside in terms of your requirements, the Apple shopping basket is HUGE. It seriously handles everything I can throw at it, and in the event of needing even more storage, also copes with me hanging a stuffed-to-bursting changing bag over the handle too, with no problems at all.

    The unfold on the Apple is quite simple once you’ve got the knack, but certainly isn’t one-handed. In terms of the folding it down, it’s quite easy in pushchair mode (can be folded with seat/chassis together in forward-facing position) but for the carrycot or rear-facing pushchair mode, you need to first separate it from the chassis before you can fold, and then re-slot into place once unfolded. Quite a task when you’ve got baby and shopping to put in the car in the rain!

    The four-wheel mode on the Apple IS great for carrycot mode, but I actually find the 3-wheel option easier to push in pushchair mode.

    In terms of the size, the folded apple has a much bigger footprint than the quinny buzz, never mind the weight issue. It IS possible to fit into very small boots, but usually by stowing the chassis and seat unit separately, which raises the above issues of practicality.

    In terms of the beach, I’m reliably informed that the Bugaboo Cameleon is the best performer on sand due to the ability to switch the direction of the handle and pull rather than push. My Apple struggles when I try to push over gravel at our local nature reserve, and I can only imagine it ever coping on the beach due to sheer brute force and will, rather than inherent suitability.

    Honestly? I really can’t see it ticking all of your boxes, which is a shame as I know what it’s like to fall in love with a pram. For the requirements you’ve listed (not for a newborn, bigger shopping basket, fits into small boot, beach/mountain/long walks, easy fold/unfold) I’d take a closer look at the following:

    Bugaboo cameleon or Bee ranges (the fold/unfold takes some practice but is simple when you know how),
    Mountain buggy range (3-wheels, but so wonderful to push), Micralite toro or fastfold (really easy fold/unfold and great shopping basket),
    Baby Jogger City Series (easiest fold/unfold I’ve ever tried, and a cheaper alternative than the Mountain buggy)
    And if you ever feel you might need a pram that can convert to a double, then look at the Phil and Ted’s also.

    I know a lot of these are 3-wheels and not 4, but if you test-drive them, I think you’ll find the ease of pushing a worthwhile compromise.

    Anyway, I hope this is helpful? If any other readers want to pitch in with their thoughts for aj, please feel free to add your comments.

    Wishing you lots of luck in your search – do let me know how you get on,


  9. Jennifer Says:


    I found this information really useful as I am expecting with my first and currently finding it difficult to make a decision on what pram (travel system) to fo for.

    I like the look of the I-Candy Apple and the fact that it has a large basket underneath for shopping. However, I really would like something that is perfact for the city (as I live in the city) and occassional country roads. Both my parents and my husbands parents live in the countryside and I plan to do walks there – perhaps even to the beach. The woman in the shop seemed to think that the i-candy 3 wheeler option would be best if I was looking to take this on the beach. Would you agree?

    Also, I’m only at the beginning of my search for a good travel system so any recommendations would be great!



  10. aj Says:

    Hi again
    I’ve had the icandy apple now for a month after having the Bugaboo cameleon after getting rid of my quinny buzz. I’m loving it best out of three very expensive options in my opinion. I have a maxi cosi cabrio car seat which fit the buzz and icandy. Also the ability to change to a double buggy is great. Now is the time to buy a icandy apple as prices are set to rise by £100 !!!! in march but a new icandy peach modle is due out in june but no price list for that yeat. Tobe fair all three of these buggies keep their value well for resale much better than graco !

  11. admin Says:

    Hi aj

    Thanks so much for coming back to update us – I’m genuinely pleased you’re getting on so well with the Apple. As I stated before, I wasn’t sure it ticked all your boxes BUT (and it’s a big but) sometimes it’s worth making a compromise when you’ve weighed up what featues are REALLY important/useful/must-have. I too love my apple again. I’m now in my 20th month of use, and it honestly looks as good as the day we bought it – we’re using the cosy footmuff with it, and my son is happy as larry out and about in this weather, while the huge basket means I don’t have to worry about my shopping. I can’t really ask for more than that, to be honest.

    Thanks also for the news about the peach – will keep my eyes and ears peeled.

    Thanks again for taking the time to update – I appreciate it!


  12. Isobel Says:


    I have an iCandy Pear which I love (and would be happy to review properly for anyone who is interested). But now I’m using it in single-child mode every day I was wondering whether to change the double front wheels to the single pneumatic tyre.

    Is the 3 wheel mode is as easy to steer/push as the 4 wheel mode?

    Is it as stable as the 4 wheeler?

    If it makes a difference to the weight distribution, I always have my daughter facing me (for some reason the seat unit cannot be faced forwards in single mode on the Pear chassis, unlike the Apple!)

    I’d apreciate any input/experiences on this from Apple or Pear users as the chassis is the same.


  13. admin Says:

    Hi Isobel

    Thanks for getting in touch – would love to hear some real-life feedback on the Pear if you fancy sharing?

    Obviously, I’ve got an Apple so a slighter different chassis, but I MUCH prefer the 3 wheel mode over the 4 wheel when using it as a pushchair (whilst using it with a carrycot, I preferred the stability of the 4-wheels).

    Being absolutely honest, however, I’m afraid I did find it hard to push when the pushchair was rear-facing. The weight distribution felt wrong and I found it difficult turning corners, and going up and down kerbs, presumably because my tiny baby grew into a 2 stone+ lump!! As soon as it was forward-facing, I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to push, and it’s now my preferred mode.

    I’m not really sure that helps you though, as I don’t know how much the newer pear chassis differs to my 2007-model apple. I’d be very interested to hear the views of other apple/pear owners if you fancy leaving your own feedback – I’m sure Isobel would appreciate it also.

    With thanks


  14. Nuala Says:


    I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby, but i have my head wrecked about looking for a good pushchair, with all the bits, car seat etc, we were looking at the Quinny buzz but now too sure about it. I live near a town which is only a mile away, but the footpaths are really bad, my parents live in the country so i would want a good push chair for there road, we walk the beach alot too. Also do all car seats fit into ever car or does it all depend on the type of car you have.

    Any advise would be great,

  15. admin Says:

    Hi Nuala

    First, many congratulations on your pregnancy – what an exciting time for you!

    Secondly, I completely understand your confusion on the pram front. There’s so many to choose from, and so many different variables to consider, it’s any wonder we manage to make a decision at all!

    As it’s potentially one of the biggest investments you’ll make when preparing for baby, it’s definitely something you should take your time over, so don’t feel rushed. All the reviews in the world are great, but I’m sure your ‘maybe’ list will become a lot shorter after you’ve managed to road-test a few in a shop somewhere (though bear in mind that what feels delightfully easy to push around a shop floor gets a LOT harder once baby isn’t a teeny, tiny newborn anymore).

    For what it’s worth, the Quinny Buzz is an extremely popular pram and one of my best friends loves and adores her – baby is over 2 now and still happy and comfortable in it. Personally, we ruled it out as I felt the seat looked a little small, and as I wanted to get out and about on foot rather than car as much as possible, I felt the shopping basket was far too small for my needs. It’s fab to push though, and is a lovely looking pushchair, so if carrying loads of shopping isn’t high on your agenda, it could easily be the perfect one for you.

    If the footpaths are quite tricky near you, then the iCandy Apple might be too heavy (though the icandy Cherry is much lighter/easier to push). For performance on sand, all the reviews I’ve read are that you can’t beat the Bugaboo Cameleon (though maybe the cheaper/newer Bugaboo Bee might be worth a look too?) All of the pushchairs I’ve mentioned – along with many more – are compatible with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seats (you’ll need a set of adaptors which will either come with your puschair, or cost £20 – £30 to buy separately).

    As we decided we definitely wanted a maxi cosi cabriofix carseat, I didn’t look at any other models so can’t comment on whether or not they’d all fit in your car, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t (if you wanted an isofix carseat, then you’d need to check whether your car is compatible with it, as lots of older makes of car aren’t). Halfords, or most baby shops will have a qualified car seat fitter who can give help and advice on this area.

    In terms of the prams themselves, have a look at my best price guide for some rough ideas of pricing
    http://www.bestpram.co.uk/index.php/category/best-price/ and if you have any other questions, or you narrow your ‘must-have feature list’ down even further, then give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help.

    Wishing you lots of luck


  16. aj Says:

    Hi Again

    Re the maxi cosi car seat look at the maxi cosi web site as it gives you a list of which cars its suitable for and in which seats.I’ve had my maxi cosi in a, vw golf, vw polo, nissan navara (not on the fitting list but does fit), Transit van, Peugeot partner van and a mitsubushi carisma . I will only buy maxi cosi now as they feel better made and are really safe !

    I also used the car seat with my buzz while I had it and it was a great system not used it with my icandy apple as little one is now 14 months old.

    I cannot fault my icandy apple having a shopping basket has been a god send even for short trips. Seat is much better than the buzz and I love the footmuffs and core snuggles.Oh and folding the icandy is ten times quicker than the buzz!

    Some people say that the icandy is really heavy but I’m used to carrying bales of hay and 25kg feed bags for my horses so I’ve not found it bad nither has my mother.

    Look out for the new icandy peach due out soon. 🙂

    aj xx

  17. Sarah Says:

    Hi ya.
    I’m currently 30w with my 3rd baby due june 2nd and looking in to getting the pear. My daughter will only be 16months old and is also diddy for her age only 14m now only 22lb. As i’m 4ft 11 i cant manage a side by side or a normal tandem so was wondering if the pear would be good for me. I also have a 4year old son who walks everywhere so need something easyish to push whilst He’s on his wrist walker lead thingy lol. I currently have a babystyle s3d which i love but not practical anymore. 🙁
    if anyone could help me i’d much appreciate it. Thanks.
    Oh i don’t like the price in our local babyshop 565 without footmuffs or carrycot converter fabric. Congrats on babies

  18. Isobel Says:


    Sorry it’s been such a long time since my previous post, but here’s a review of the Pear:

    I love it!
    For me it was the only option when I realised I needed a double for my toddler and newborn. The pavements in my town are too narrow for a twin (and so are most front doors and tiny shops!). I couldn’t face trying to manoeuvre a tandem as they tend to have a long wheel base and I’m quite short. I really wanted to have my children rear-facing as my son has loved being able to talk to me while he’s in the buggy, so P&T was out – I think this is the only other sensible option for those looking to put 2 children in together.

    There are some drawbacks, such as the shopping basket being difficult to access when you have two seats in rear-facing mode (it’s better when they are forward facing). It can be feel heavy to steer, but given that it weighs about 15kg unladen it is actually very easy. I have friends who cannot push their P&T with one hand, whereas the Pear is easily manageable single-handed, evven with both kids in, an absolute must when your toddler decides to get out and walk but still needs to hold your other hand.

    I used it as a double every single day for 5 months and had so many positive comments about its good looks, the full size carrycot for my baby (as opposed to the crampt space under a P&T) and the overall flexibility it offers. I now use it as a single seater and dont want to swap for anything else!

  19. admin Says:

    To aj
    Great to see you back – thank you so much for the help and advice you’re giving other readers. I’m so pleased to hear how much you still love your Apple. We should make badges, lol!! Thanks again!

    To Isobel
    Wow. Thank you so very much for taking the time to come back with your review of the Pear. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’ve road-tested it in the shop, and marvelled at how *good* it looks, but I was wary of reviewing either way, as it’s such an important purchase, and only someone who’s using it day-to-day can really say whether the performance lives up to the design. I’m thrilled to hear it does! Your honest review will help so many other readers – you’re a star, thank you!!!

    To Sarah
    Hello and welcome! Many congratulations on baby number 3 – I’m sure your household is very excited about the impending new arrival! In terms of the Pear, I’ve only test-driven in the shop, so I’m sure Isobel’s real-life review above will be helpful to you. In terms of price, iCandy are very strict on not allowing online shops to display their prices, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to email or phone as many stockists as you can for a quote. I test-drove my Apple in a department store, but then bought online as it was much cheaper, even taking delivery into account! Do let us know what you decide to go for in the end!

    Thanks again, everyone. What stars you all are.

    Louise xx

  20. aj Says:


    Have you looked on ebay ? some really good nearly new pears for sale but shhh dont tell icandy 😉 You find with double prams in perfect condition as by the time smallest child is 4 months, older child wants to walk everywhere! prices went up in march because of the dollar against the pound ( why it matters when its british made I dont know)

    Does anyone know if you can get a travel bag to put over the apple when you go on holiday so it doesn’t get damaged on the plane.

    Proudly wearing my I love my icandy apple badge.
    aj xx

  21. Paula Says:

    Hi there. Your advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child & currently having a nightmare trying to find a pushchair that ticks the majority of boxes on my ‘must have’ list!

    With my son we had the Quinny Speedy SX with the dreami carrycot & i absolutely loved it. However this time round we want a 2 way facing pushchair as we want baby to face us for as long as possible (after a rather scary choking incident with my son when he was about 10 months old). So basically my ‘must have’ list (in order of importance) is;

    1) MUST be a 2 way facing pushchair seat unit
    2) adjustable handle height (i’m 5ft 2″ so lowest setting can’t be any more than say 100cm)
    3) handlebar rather than stroller type handles (need to be able to push one handed
    4) a good sized shopping basket
    5) ability to fold with pushchair seat unit still attached – even if it has to be forward facing
    6) Easy to fold & relatively compact when folded (i have a renault Megane)
    7) no more than £250!

    I’m not fussed about having a carrycot but obviously if no carrycot than pushchair must be lie-flat/suitable from birth. Not fussed about car seat fitting the chasis as we still have our Britax ISOFIX car seat. I know my price tag is low so am happy to buy pushchair second hand (good ol Ebay!).

    So far i’ve narrowed it down to the following;

    1) icandy apple – originally dismissed this due to bad reviews but having read posts on here am now reconsidering! Going by original post, i guess i’m safe buying second hand as long as i make sure it’s the new chasis with ‘icandy’ written down the frame? Was also told by my local supplier that chasis can’t be folded with the seat unit attached – even forward facing. Is this right?
    2) Britax Vigour 3+ – had a test drive at the weekend & totally fell in love with it. Sooo easy to push & to fold, large basket, handle height perfect, really snug etc etc. Quite expensive though & relatively new so not many reviews or any second hands available. Think we can buy adaptors though so that our Britax carseat will fit the chasis, which is a plus.
    3) Mothercare Xcursion – again loved this in the shop. £300 new but have seen a few on ebay for about £150ish. Not as easy to push as the Vigour 3+ but decent sized basket, easy to fold, handle height perfect etc.

    I’m slowly going crazy (and driving my hubby up the wall), not knowing what to do! I think i find the perfect one then find hideous reviews (Mamas & papas Herbie springs to mind!) or there’s one vital thing that doesn’t meet my requirements (mainly the handle height issue!). Your thoughts/feedback really would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks – Paula x

  22. admin Says:

    Hi Paula!

    Welcome and congratulations on the impending arrival of baby number 2… how exciting!!

    I love a woman who knows what she wants, and it sounds like you definitely do, and have made a fantastic start on working out your ‘must-haves’…in my mind, this is half the battle, as it’s far too easy to fall head over heels in love with how a pram looks, whilst forgetting/ignoring/underestimating the features we *really* need it to have (until it’s too late, of course, lol!)

    I need to do a little research first before I can properly answer your post, but wanted to throw it up to other readers too to see what they think, or whether they’ve got experience of your current top three… feel free to pitch in everyone!

    In the meantime, thanks for posting. Will get back to you asap,


    Louise x

  23. Staci Says:

    Hi there, I am currently 8 months pregnant with third child and have a 20 month old and a five year old. I have been looking into the iCandy and found all comments useful. So much so my partner and I will be going to test drive one this weekend. We currently have the Mothercare trenton deluxe, nicknamed ‘The Tank’. We weren’t sure about getting a tandem, and this could solve all of our problems, with a very independent little girl, who likes to walk when she wants to, and be carried when she’s tired. So glad to have found this site, really big help.

  24. stephanie farmer Says:

    hi all,

    i wonder if anyone can help.i have contacted i candy but had no reply.

    i bought the i candy cherry about a year ago and now am expecting again. i wondered is the pip converter suitable for the cherry or only the apple. as the cheerry is a light weight i am wondering is it strond enough to support two children.

    also my oldest child will be 18months when the new arrival comes so does anyone know the age range the seats go up to?

    thanks stephanie xx

  25. laurakate Says:

    Hello all,

    Just a quick question. We’re 12 weeks pregnant and just delving into the world of pushchairs etc and the iCandy Apple seems so far to tick all of the boxes (forward/rearward facing, air tyres, carrycot option etc). Just wondered if I could get any advice from those of you who have used it before we fork out. We spend a lot of time walking and are hoping not to have to totally give this up when Pipsqueak gets here. Mainly we’ll be using a carrier but wanted a buggy for longer days out on trails etc. The lady in the shop has recommended the Apple and in the 4 wheel version for best handling off-road. can anyone tell me if she is right or not? Have looked at Quinny and Bugaboo but neither appealed really. All advice gratefully appreciated!

  26. Ayshea Says:

    Hi, hope you don’t mind me crashing! Stephanie as far as I can see from the website the Pip converter is only for the Apple, the Cherry is a stand alone unit I think. I do have a phone number somewhere for iCandy, I’ll have a hunt and see if I can find it.

    I just wanted to add that I had the good fortune to see and test an iCandy Peach at the Baby Show and I was so impressed I ordered and paid for it there and then! Had planned on buying the Pear but after seeing the Peach I was sold. It seems to address many of the quirks I was unsure of in the Pear , namely –

    It’s MUCH lighter even with both seats occupied.

    Carrycots are more substantial and look larger.

    Larger seat unit looks a better size, I had worried the Pear seat wouldn’t last my toddler long.

    The seat hoods are height adjustable.

    As a single unit it can be both rear/forward facing.

    iCandy say the release date is August, however the stockist I bought from has assured me it will be here in July at some point, she is unsure exactly when but I hope she’s right, I’m due on the 17th!

    Upshot is if you have time on your side and you can wait, I’d hang off and see what you think of the Peach – I can’t wait to get my hands on it and I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

    Ayshea 32 weeks with no 6

  27. stephanie farmer Says:

    thats great-yes i might hold out and wait to test the peach! do you know of anywhere i can test it or see pictures even?

  28. Helen Rouse Says:

    Hi Can anyone help me??.. I have just taken delivery of my Icandy Apple and I love it.. However, I am having problems collapsing it!!.. Is this normal to begin with??. Does it become easier??. Any hints or tips most welcome.. Regards H xx

  29. admin Says:

    Hi Helen! Don’t panic – there’s a definite knack to collapsing an iCandy Apple, but once you’ve sussed it, you’ll find it a breeze. I’m assuming you’ve seen it demonstrated so know *roughly* how it’s done (i.e. squeezing the big button on the handle, whilst pushing in the small button on the side of the chassis)… the knack is you collapse it by pushing down towards the front wheels rather than down towards the floor like you’d expect. It should then collapse on its own. Have you tried this? If you’re still struggling, it could also be a bit stiff – bizarrely enough, we were advised to use a quick spurt of plegde furniture polish and it really did work, lol!

    Have another couple of goes – my husband sussed it first then showed me how to do it – and let us know how you get on!

    Louise x

  30. Emma Says:

    Im 28 weeks into my first pregnancy and very much looking forward to baby’s arrival. But after numerous trips to Mothercare and John Lewis I am finding it very difficult to choose a buggy! I wondered if anyone could help me with a few questions I have?

    The two buggies Im thinking of choosing between are Chameleon and Apple. This is mainly because I want a forward and rear facing seat and carry cot as well as a handlebar and a decent sized easily accesible shopping basket. I also prefer 4 wheelers as in my admittedly very limited experience they feel more solid.

    The questions I have are:

    1 I want to hang a changing bag on the handlebar of whatever buggy I get. Has anyone found this difficult with either? I have been put off buying the Mothercare “build your own much cheaper” version of the Chameleon because apparently there is a real danger of it tipping over if you hang a changing bag from the handle.

    2. Is the aftercare from Bugaboo any better than the awful sounding aftercare (or lack of) from iCandy? And also are there any other known mechanical problems with the Apple apart from the chassis problem?

    3. We have a 3 door hatchback car. I know that this will make getting a car seat in and out of the car an absolute nightmare but want to at least give it a try. In view of this, is it worth getting a travel system or should I face the fact that Im not going to be able to get carseat and child seat out in one go so may as well get the car seat separately?

    4. I know that Apple is heavy – does this make it a real nightmare to handle on anything other than on the level on a smooth city street? Realistically (sadly) Im not going to be on a beach after the baby is born until probably next summer but I do want to be able to push the buggy relatively easily over, say, cobbles and up and down curbs and up and down the odd single stair. Its so hard to judge how a buggy will handle in the real world when you only get to test it unladen in a shop.

    Sorry for asking so many questions and any comments would be really appreciated!

    thanks very much

  31. admin Says:

    Hi Emma

    Thanks for getting in touch, and congratulations on your pregnancy! I’ve quickly discovered that I’m a mere amateur in the pram-addict league, so I’m sure there’ll be lots of people with different opinions to mine but – for what it’s worth – I’ll try and answer your questions as best as I can:

    1) My iCandy Apple is more than capable of handling a stuffed-full changing bag on the handle-bars without budging, or blocking access to the shopping basket below (which is also usually stuffed full too, as I do my shopping with the iCandy). My friend has a bugaboo cameleon and also hangs her changing bag on it, no problem at all. And – to be absolutely fair – even my lightweight Maclaren can handle my changing bag. The difference is the Maclaren will tip on the floor as soon as I remove my son, where the iCandy won’t budge an inch!

    2) I think the key issue here – regardless of which pram you buy – is WHERE you buy it from. A reputable retailer like Mothercare or John Lewis (for Bugaboo), or Olivers Baby Centre (where I bought my iCandy) will ALWAYS look after you and aim to resolve any problems you have. I’m not aware of any known faults with the Bugaboo Cameleon, and – reading the reviews of more recent Apple owners above – I think the new chassis has resolved iCandy’s problems. We’re still using ours – with the new chassis – 2 years later, and haven’t exeperienced any further problems.

    3) Ok, well you clearly know it’s going to be slightly trickier at first, but I’m sure you’ll soon find a knack of coping with the 3-door situation… in your shoes, I’d definitely still go for a travel-system compatible car seat just because of the added flexibility it will give you. I’d imagine there’ll be many occasions where you’ll want to leave baby asleep in the car seat – supermarkets etc – and the travel-system compatible carseat was honestly one of my best buys for short outings like this. Plenty of mums manage without, but it was near the top of my wish list and I’m so pleased it was!

    4) The iCandy IS heavy but – for me personally – this was a real plus point. It’s incredibly easy to push, despite its weight, but it feels so safe and sturdy with baby inside. I call it my tank, and
    there’s definitely times when I choose my much-lighter stroller instead (nipping around town for example), but for day-to-day use, I always use the Apple. And my needs are the same as yours – I walk for around an hour a day, around my high street (which has cobbles) and lots of kerbs to navigate, and it’s absolutely fine. I think I’ve been on a beach with it once (which was a total nightmare, whereas the bugaboo is a dream on sand). Now my baby is two, and weighing over 2 stone, the iCandy IS harder to push, but I use it as part of my only fitness regime, so its weight is still a plus-point for me. I do think it’s personal preference really, and – when a pregnant friend commented on how heavy my iCandy was compared to when she pushed it around the shop – I told her to take a bag of potatoes on her next test-drive. I was only half-joking…

    Anyway, I hope that is helpful – I’m sure other people will add their thoughts soon, but shout if there’s anything else you want to know!

    Happy pram-shopping!

    Louise :o)

  32. aj Says:

    HI all again,

    Emma after having a quinny buzz , bugaboo cameleon and icandy Apple I can honestly say the Apple wins hands down even on the beach as I take the dogs 3 times a week to the beach ( apple in 4 wheel mode) Have you seen the new icandy Peach !! wow I’m lucky enough to have both the apple and the peach now 🙂 baby number 2 due november and having a pram which can turn into a double is a real money saver ! As for car seat get the base that goes with the maxi cosi a real life saver if you have a 3 door car. My maxi cosi cabrio has been in so many cars /vans /pick ups I’ve lost count if you let me know what car you have I’ll try my apple and peach in one to make sure it fits for you.

    icandy peach- GREAT stuff. So far so good only thing I dont like is the fact that as a twin babies face away from you 🙁 its lighter than the Pear but to be honest I like the more rugged look of my apple than the smooth modern look of the peach ( just dont tell my husband )

    icandy have brought out some new add ons for the apple to spice it up 🙂 the flavour packs come a shopping basket, change bag, hood and core snuggle in 5 colours.

  33. admin Says:

    Yay… I was hoping you’d post, AJ! 🙂 You’re a total star – thank you!

    Emma – I’m sure AJ’s help and advice will see you on the right track – let us know how you get on!

    Louise xx

  34. Isobel Says:

    Hi Emma

    I also have an iCandy (pear not apple, but same chassis and seats) and I love it. It’s a real work horse, I can load it up with shopping, kids, buggy board etc and it won’t tip over. It’s easy enough to push with one hand over smooth terrain.

    As Louise says, the aftercare you get from the retailer is important. I have had fabulous service from John Lewis, and if your local store does not yet sell the iCandy (mine doesn’t) you can order by phone from the John Lewis London store on Oxford Street and get them to deliver!

    Hope this helps.


  35. Stephanie Mone Says:

    Hi, We brought and fell in love with the icandy apple limited edition in coco. Everyting until now has been great. The foot muff started to fray around the toggles, so I took it back and without any hassle it was replaced with exactly the same. Great service !!The parasol was very stiff to open when we first started to use it, then the ends come unstitched and over time it has broken. I took it back to my retailer who called icandy and it was said that because it was limited edition they have stopped selling the coco now and no replacement was possible and we would have to have the black one.
    The parasol was sent back to icandy to be checked. They called to say it was not a defect & they had 1 parasol in coco & we could pay £50.00 for it !!! icandys customer care is apalling. It is such a shame because we love the pram. We have spent alot of money on a product that should it go wrong icandy themselves are not interested. I have now brought a new icandy parasol in orange, the new ones out. They are different and more hard wearing, obviously because there have been problems. My advise buy a bugaboo !!!!!!!

  36. Emma Says:

    Hi everyone
    Thanks so much for all your replies – its really appreciated and really helpful. AJ thanks specially for the tip about getting the base for the car seat. A friend of mine said hers was worth every penny of the £100 she spent on it. My car is an old (S reg) Audi A3 thanks for your very kind offer of finding out if the maxi cosi base will fit it but please dont worry as you have already been very helpful and I can easily find out whether it fits next time Im at John Lewis/Mothercare.
    I like the sound of the peach but not so sure I like baby facing away from me either in double mode. But then that is assuming that I do get to have 2 kids! Think its a John Lewis trip this weekend to see the apple again and find out when (if) they start to stock the peach.
    Thanks again to all of you for being so helpful
    best wishes

  37. Emma Says:

    Hi all
    Well I finally took the plunge and today ordered an Apple from John Lewis. I am having to get the parasol separately as John Lewis (at least in their Bristol store) dont stock it. But a customer orientated shop in Bath does so should be ok. A huge thank you to everyone for sharing all your experiences. It has really helped. Will let you know how it all works out.
    thanks again
    ps AJ it turns out I couldnt get the separate base for the car seat because I dont have the right kind of seatbelts to fix the base in place. I have an old S reg A3. JL says you need to have seatbelts where the buckle is flush with the seat level. Mine stick out a long way above it. But actually having tried to fit the seat today, its not as big a hassle as I feared. I seem to have a decent amount of room in the back to perch in while Im fixing the seat in place.

  38. Angelina Says:

    Hi all

    Can someone tell me the difference between the pear and the peach?


  39. stephanie farmer Says:

    hi angelina,

    the pear is slightly heaver and both seats have to face the same way (both away from you/or both facing) the peach is a lighter version and comes in differnt colours black and grey , blue and turquoise, red and orange, the peach (which is newer- out aug/sept 09 so will prob havve some teething problems) also has smaller frame in length and you cant adjust the length of the handle (the pear comes out and in) . the peach the car seat can face you and the seat can face out -so great if you have newborn and older child . they also have the peach blossom twin which is for two newborn twins …they both have susension and air tyres and can be used as double or single. As the peach is smaller in length the seats and carrycot will also be shorter in length (so if you have a tall child it might be better to stick with the pear as you’ll get more wear out of it) this is all i really know on it – i tried out the pear and altho heavy the suspension makes it easy to push- i know some have tried out the peach and say its alot lighter ….so i think im going to go for that, as its hard enough with a double anyway…hope that helps….sorry its in a random list.

  40. admin Says:

    Hi again Stephanie

    Thanks so much for popping back with your advice – it’s really helpful to have and very much appreciated.

    Louise x

    Angelina – hope Stephanie’s feedback is helpful to you! xx

  41. James Says:

    Hi Louise / All

    Great article and comments. My wife and I are currently tring to decide which travel system to purchase for our first baby due in December and it’s great to read your reviews of the Apple and Buzz.

    Our short list included the I-Candy Apple, Quinny Buzz and Concord Neo. We had decided the Buzz might not be right for us due to storage and had it narrowed down to the Apple and Neo.

    We liked the storage and Pear option on the Apple as this could hopefully come it very handy in the future; but also liked the lightweight frame and easy button release system on the Neo.

    However I’ve been doing some reading and have heard the Neo may have problems with the brakes, does anyone have any experience of this?

    If the Neo had a “Pear” option we probably would go for it but now I’m a little worried by some negative reviews I’ve read elsewhere. Any help you can provide would be great.

    Many thanks

  42. annette Says:

    With regard to your question about the Neo, I can tell you that I have had terrible problems with our Neo. The original style brake had an on/off pedal by each wheel. This jammed regularly and even uneven surfaces caused the brake to come on without me touching it! Concord via my superb retailer replaced the chassis with a new style one( one brake pedal on one side). This lasted for a couple of months although during this time the brake did occasionally jam. One day the brake jammed completely and then the brake pin and spring fell out. Once again concord replaced the chassis without quibble. The third chassis lasted 2 months before the brake pin once again jammed and I had to remove the wheel and remove the pin to get moving again. Total nightmare! Concord have fully refunded me for my whole travel system without any fuss, leading me to believe that this happens quite often! I now have a wonderful apple which I am very happy with.
    Hope this helps,

  43. julie hallifax Says:

    i am totally unhappy with my i candy apple pram . i purchased it in feb 09 and i am finding lots of faults with which the retailer will not send back to i candy to review. phoned i candy and there attitude sticks i would NOT recommend anyone to purchase a i candy pram as after sales are apalling

  44. James Says:

    Thank you Annette it’s much appreciated. At first sight we really did like the Neo but the more we’ve read about other people’s experiences has now led us to think the Apple is best and now we’re off to test drive one tomorrow!


  45. Rachael Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been in love with the iCandy Apple for months now and I have just bought one from eBay (should be arriving in the next couple of days). However I’m now a bit worried – the one I have bought has the plain chassis (doesnt have the ‘iCandy’ writing on the side) so I’m assuming that’s the old style chassis – am I going to regret buying this?! Do ALL the old style chassis have problems or is it just some of them?


  46. admin Says:

    Hi James

    Thanks for your comments – I’ve never test driven a Neo myself so can’t comment from personal experience, though I’ve read a lot of conflicting reviews. That said, there are a lot of conflicting reviews about most prams – not least the icandy apple – so sometimes it has to come down to lifestyle and personal taste.

    I just wondered how you got on with your Apple test-drive? We also had the Buzz on our short-list, but the lack of shopping space was a bit of deal-breaker. A shame really, as my friend absolutely adores hers, and it’s so nifty to push.

    Anyway, thanks again for stopping by – would love to hear what you thought!

    Louise 🙂

  47. admin Says:

    Hi Julie

    Thanks for getting in touch – I’m so sorry to hear you’re having problems with your iCandy. As you only bought in February, I’d suggest you’re well within your rights to get your money back if the problems aren’t being resolved to your satisfaction.

    Couple of questions – where did you buy it from and did you pay via credit card? Will try to help point you in the right direction if I possibly can.


  48. admin Says:

    Hi Rach

    First things first – don’t panic! It’s definitely, definitely not ALL the older apples with the old style chassis (i.e. without the iCandy branding on the side) that have problems. Honestly, I’ve heard from many happy Apple owners who bought their prams when they first came out and are now using them on baby number two with no problems at all. I don’t know the numbers involved but I suspect it was a very small percentage affected or we’d have heard much more about it (watchdog etc).

    Try not to worry and enjoy your pram when it arrives – I’m sure you got yourself a bargain (alas, no-one was selling on ebay when I was in the market for buying!) Let us know if you have any worries or concerns once you’ve received it, but I’ve got everything crossed all will be well.


    Louise 🙂

  49. Rachael Says:

    Thanks Louise, well it’s arrived now and it seems ok, it is a bit fiddly to fold but I think I just need to get used to it!

    I just have one other question I hope someone can help me with. Mine has the double wheel at the front (it’s like a 3 wheeler but it’s 2 wheels ‘stuck together’). I know you can also get the single jogger wheel, and also the two wheels which are separate (so there’s actually a gap between them, making it a 4 wheeler – does that make sense?). I would love to buy the jogger wheel and/or the 2 separate wheels, just to change it when I get bored I guess! But just wondering what else do I need? I’ve seen the wheels being sold on eBay but I’m guessing I need some sort of kit to do it with – will normal tools work or is there a specific kit that iCandy sell, in order to change the wheels? Hope someone can help! Thanks 🙂 Rachael

  50. Kelly Says:

    I have just purchased the icandy pear, new baby not due to xmas but am using as single for my 14 mth old, he fits fine in seat at mo, have been offered a apple seat unit and hood for £75.00, is this worth it? Does anyone know how much bigger the apple seat is?

  51. Rachael Says:

    If your little one fits in the pear seat fine then I wouldnt bother to be honest, there isnt a huge difference, the apple seat is slightly longer and thats it as far as I know. If you’d only be using it til Christmas then definitely not worth it in my opinion.


  52. Isobel Says:

    Hi Kelly

    As far as I know the only difference is in the height of the hood. I have a Pear, and when I purchased it, it was recommended to me that I also buy the taller hood for my older child. Only an extra £10, but seeing as the standard Pear hood was touching my son’s head I had to buy the bigger one – I assume it is the Apple hood – but you’d think that iCandy could have issued this as standard really! Anyway, the size of the seat is fine – he can still get in it at nearly 4, if his little sister ever lets him!

  53. Rachael Says:

    This is quoted from the FAQs on iCandy’s website:
    “Can I use my apple seat unit on my pear?
    No. The Apple seat unit is too long and will not function properly. Although it will physically fit it has not been safety tested for use on the Pip frame. Using the seat in the incorrect manner will invalidate your warranty.”

  54. Kelly Says:


    Thanks Rachael and Isobel for your help. Have decided not to purchase the seat, will just get an apple hood when he grows too big. I put my four year old in the pear seat after reading this and he still fits, prefers his scooter though. Ha

  55. steve+rose Says:


    we’re currently awaiting baby number 1 in a couple of months time, and are wanting to make a decision about prams. originally we were quite taken with the quinny buzz but more recently have become curious about the bugaboo bee.

    we live in london and at the moment don’t have a car, so will be relying on public transport and walking a lot. that’s where we started wondering whether the lighter and more compact bee would be a better bet. we’re also on the first floor so have a set of stairs to negotiate just to get out the door!

    one thing that makes me nervous about the bee is whether it copes with walking in parks, cobbled streets etc. are there any users out there that could give us any feedback on that?

    also, regarding the buzz – how do people find getting that on and off buses etc?

    looking forward to hearing any feedback or comments anyone might have.


  56. Natasha Says:

    Hi Steve and Rose
    I have a quinny buzz and have loved it. Only downside is front wheel can jam a bit, but we have been advised to remove it, clean it and spray with mr muscle (to lubricate) – just been too busy to do this yet, though it’s not a big job! The seat is so great – my little boy looks so comfy and I have toltally maximised being able to have him facing me. Even at 13 months, when he is sleepy or chilled I have him facing me and we have alot of fun chats!
    However, with no 2 due in April, we are having to say a sad goodbye as it really won’t work with a 19 month gap (want a second hand bargain!?!?!). Whatever buggy you choose, my one bit of advice is consider if you want more kids within 2 years, as a double will be invaluable. We are serioulsy considering the apple/pear (just need to persuade hubby it’s worth every penny!), but if i’d known what I know now, I would have got it straight up as it can be used as a single, isn’t that far removed from the quinny and would have saved money rather than buying too fairly expensive buggies. I love the fact that the apple/pear have rear facing options and a decent recline – a definate plus over the P&T.
    Hope I’ve helped in any way!

  57. Andy in Spain Says:

    Hello everyone, and congratulations to you all!

    Well, it’s all starting to become real – really real – for us. Our 1st is due in March and it’s now time to start getting ready for it!

    We live in Spain. There’s a really poor choice around us, so we’re relying on word of mouth and this site – AND THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THIS SITE.

    I was in London over the w/e and was shown Quinny, Icandy Apple and a Bugaboo. It hasn’t helped much – all great, all have their pros and cons.

    We live very rural, so LOTS of using the car (4×4, it has Isofix – does that mean it’s cabriofix compatible?!?!). My wife is neither a weakling nor Arnold Schwartzanegger. I’d hazard a guess she’ll want nice n easy to put away / set up. We plan another child within a shortish space of time. She wants something that she can hang shopping / fairly large bags of baby paraphernalia from, bu it needn’t be something that you can go live in the wilderness in.

    I’m totally – like, totally – confused and don’t want to get it wrong. Matters not really helped by the fact that my wife can’t really do any touchy feely test runs unless she goes to Madrid for it (100s of miles away!).

    Ladies, I throw myself at the feet of your collective experience and knowledge. Help me, please!

    All the (grateful) best


  58. Isobel Says:


    iCandy Pear
    Easy to fold, push etc, holds tons of luggage, will take 2 small children in carrycots/seats/carseats and is suitable for buggy board later on. Bob’s your uncle.

    I love my iCandy!

  59. Andy in Spain Says:

    Hi Isobel. Thanks for the suggestion – what’s the difference between the Apple and the Pear? Also – do you know if Cabriofix and ISofix are the same thing or at least compatible?

    All the best


  60. Isobel Says:

    Hi Andy

    The Apple and Pear share the same chassis and seat units, but the Pear can take two seats/carrycots/car seats (in any combination, forward and rear facing) by means of a ‘pip converter’. This is a frame which fits into the normal seat connector and takes both seat units. Take a look at the iCandy website for a demo! The Pear can of course be used as a single too, very easy to convert from 1 to 2 seats in a matter of seconds. If you buy the Apple (as you’re only have one child I guess, not twins!) then you can later buy the Pear upgrade – 2nd seat, double front wheels etc).

    By the way, the buggy board is not tested on the iCandy so they don’t recommend it and apparently its use will invalidate your warranty, but I’ve been using one with mine for 18 months with no problems.

    Sorry I don’t know much about the Cabriofix, except that it’s a car seat, not sure if for seat belts or Isofix. Isofix is the thing which holds some baby/child car seats into your car, only available on newer car models. I know the iCandy takes the Maxi Cosi Cabrio car seat.

    Hope that helps.

  61. morag Says:

    does anyone know of a buggy board i can use with icandy please

  62. Isobel Says:

    Hi Morag

    I use the Lascal board. I don’t think iCandy recommend any boards, but it is fine (see post above!).


  63. Emma Says:

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant and we are in full pram searching mode at the minute! Up until i was 9 weeks pregnant i was very into jogging and am planning to take this up again after i have the baby. So i’m looking for a travel system that i can run with and that the baby faces me. I am now aware that my choices are limited. I’ve looked at i candy apple jogger with 3 wheels and the quinny buzz. Was hoping that someone might have some advice for me on theses or other suitable options.



  64. Emma Says:

    Hi Emma
    I asked about the 3 wheel version’s suitability for jogging and was told by shop staff that it was ok but not really meant for serious jogging. A friend of mine is really into her jogging and has got herself an American jogging buggy. Will try and find out the brand name for you. She says she couldnt find any comparable uk brands. But she also had another pram for every day use so will ask if her running buggy is good for every day use as well
    all the best

    ps. I had to return my iCandy Apple carrycot to the shop I got it from because the hood wouldnt stay up. The replacement one I got is just about working but I think the button for the hood may be going on it as well. Has anyone else come across this problem? The shop I got it from said they havent.

  65. admin Says:

    Hi Emma

    As someone who really (!) needs to get fit, I’m also researching jogging strollers, although I think I’ve missed the boat as my nearly 2 and a half year old point back refuses to get in the pram at the moment. For what it’s worth, the three I’ve had recommended are:

    Citi Mini Baby Jogger

    Mountain Buggy Urban (also stocked at Mothercare but bambino direct are currently cheaper).

    Out n About Nipper

    Would be very interested in hearing any other experiences/ recommendations?

    Louise x

  66. admin Says:


    I’m not yet had need for a buggy board but as the lovely, knowledgeable Isobel has already said, I know of at least 3 other icandy owners happily using the Lascal board with no problems at all. I’ve yet to see an official recommendation from iCandy.

    Hope that helps & big thanks again to Isobel for all your help & advice!

    Louise x

  67. admin Says:

    Andy In Spain

    Thanks again to Isobel for coming to rescue with most of your questions. In terms of the cabriofix/isofix issue, any retailer worth their salt will be able to demonstrate far easier than explaining, but basically:

    The cabriofox car seat (compatible with many forward/rear-facing pushchairs, including iCandy) fits into the car using either Isofix fixing points (which are present on most new cars) or via a standard three point seat belt arrangement if the car doesn’t have isofix. If you want to ‘click and go’ (i.e. not have to secure via the seat belt every time) then you also need to buy a base:

    A new base from Maxi Cosi which fits into the car using the standard three point seat belt arrangement. Cabriofix car seat attaches easily to the base using a click system.

    Easyfix Base
    The top of the range base which fits into the car using either Isofix fixing points or a standard three point seat belt arrangement. Cabriofix car seat attaches easily to the base using a click system.

    It’s worth visiting one or two different retailers to have a look at the various options available as the price, safety features and longevity will vary considerably from model to model. We found http://www.which.co.uk invaluable for checking the lastest safety results for car seats though we did choose the Maxi Cosi cabriofix in the end and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. When you’ve made your final decision, your retailer should be happy to a) fit it in your car for you and b) demonstrate how you can do it yourself afterwards.

    Hope that helps & good luck in the pushchair hunt – let us know how you get on!


  68. Andy in Spain Says:

    Indeed, thanks to Isobel re prams and to Louise re car fittings! I’m kinda guessing this is the one of the easier aspects of having a child..Heaven help me!

    Will certainly get back in several months time with comments. B.T.W in the end my pram buying dilema was sorted for me – my wife’s brother is shipping his Bugaboo over from Canada. Tsk – he could have told me earlier and saved me the panic!

  69. stephanie Says:

    hi all.

    recently swapped my cherry for a pear…

    however my oldest child who is 18 months (and small for her age) seems not to fit in the largest seat unit (blue coded) her head seems to lean on the hood…i contacted icandy and they said the only option i have is to purchase a apple flavour pack as this will have a larger hood-

    does anyone know is this much larger,or how much more room will it give?

    is this my only option?

    and any idea of a price of a flavour pack and what does it include?



  70. laura Says:


    i am thinking about buying an i candy apple, but only have a mini…do you think it will fit in my boot? i am able to put one of the back seats down if needed.

  71. Sharon Says:


    Could someone please help me, I am 23 weeks with baby number 5. When this one arrives my youngest will be 16 months, My sisters friend wants to swop me for her icandy pear with the 2 seats & raincovers, for my M&P pliko (Great swop in my opinion) My Query is can i use the apple carrycot on the pear frame as a single pram, when my other is at nursery ? also can i use the pear frame to carry just 1 car seat if so will i need any adaptors or a special bits to do this? I will be buying the car seat and upper adaptors anyway. Suppose i am asking can i turn a pear in to an apple ?

    Kindest Regards


  72. AJ Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I have managed to used the icandy pear yellow car seat adaptors on the apple fram. Will your 16 month old fit in the smaller pear seat if you have the upper car seat adaptors?

    No you cant use the yellow (lower) carrycot on the frame but I should think that you would be able to use the Blue carrycot ( upper seat) on the fram an the blue seat fits on the frame to make a single.

    You pear will turn into a single but only parent facing, You are able to buy apple seats from icandy and sometimes ebay.

    I had a lower carrycot for my youngest whos 4 months and a 34 week prem we used the carrycot for 2 weeks when he was 1 month and about 8lbs, we switched to the car seat as I didn’t like the bar that runs through the carrycot. He went into the yellow lower seat fully reclined with an apple footmuff at 2 months (10lbs). You can also put the newborn support from the maxi cosi in the lower seat to make it a flatter option.

    Hope this helps good luck .xx

  73. Isobel Says:

    Hi Sharon

    You can use the Apple carrycot on the Pear frame as a single without any adaptors. You don’t say if you already have a the carrycot though – it’s really nice, very big compared to the Pear carrycots (which were fine for my little one until about 4 months but it was summer and she could stick her feet out of the top!) but otherwise they are very small. If you’re interested I have an Apple carrycot for sale.

    Hope that helps,

  74. Isobel Says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Don’t know if you’ve sorted out your hood problem by now, but I bought the bigger hood for £10 (promotional price, think it should have been £20) but it was well worth it. My 3 year old was very comfy in the bigger seat and his head didn’t touch the bigger hood. Not sure what the flavour pack is though – sounds expensive!


  75. stephanie Says:

    hi isobel-thx4reply… where did you pick up the bigger hood? and is it just an apple hood or a special larger hood4 the pear?….don’t mind the cost if it £10-20 but yes i guessing the flavour pack will be expensive but thats all icandy suggested as an option.

    many thanks


  76. Isobel Says:

    Hi Stephanie

    Am fairly sure it was just the Apple hood, can’t imagine it’s any different as the larger Pear seat unit is the same width as the Apple seat. I got mine from a local stockist, I expect most would be able to supply it. Let me know if you can’t find it though and I’ll dig out the name and phone number of the stockist – you could try them mail order perhaps.


  77. Louise Says:

    I am hoping that somebody will be able to help me…..I need iCandy’s direct telephone number as I can not find it anywhere. Does anybody have it please as the shop where I bought it from is refusing to contact them?

    I have nothing but problems with my iCandy apple and the customer service is appalling.


  78. admin Says:

    Oh dear, Louise. That doesn’t sound good. What problems are you having? Where did you buy it from?

    I don’t know if it still works but the helpline number I had for iCandy was 01462 484858. In the end, iCandy wouldn’t help me but told me to deal with the shop where I bought it (who were superb, I have to say). I’m sorry this doesn’t seem to be the case for you.

    Depending on the nature of the problems you’re having, another option if you bought via credit card is to contact your credit card company. Depending on when you bought it and the problems you’re having, the following can apply:

    If you pay for a pram or pushchair by credit card, and if it costs more than £100, you are protected by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 makes the credit company as responsible as the trader for a breach of contract or a misrepresentation. You are entitled to take action against the trader, the credit company or both.

    Anyway, I hope the number works and you can get your problems resolved but do post again if you need any further help or advice.

    Louise x

  79. Luella Says:


    I brought my i candy apple off EBay in July 2009 and now the chassis won’t collapse down at all and the front wheel (4 wheel mode) keeps buckling when turning.

    Does anyone know to dismantle the frame so i can see whats wrong. I’ve contacted I Candy through their website and had no reply.


  80. stephanie Says:

    hi luella,

    i had a i candy cherry but i have heard this was a common fault with some apple frames. unfortunatly buying off ebay means you have no warrenty- all i can suggest is you contact a local stocklist and get prices for repair. they have apparantly now rectified this fault with newer apples.

    i recently bought a pear (double) of ebay and sold my cherry and have had nothing but similar issues of which icandy do not want to know. all they advise is to contact shop you purchased it from. the pear has the same frame as apple and we could finally get ours down. you push the button in on handle and the little round button on the left inside handle. pull the handle right out and with the 2 buttons pushed in slam it down and towards the ground. mine was very stiff too. it turned out to bolts were missing that hold the front wheels on and they needed pumping up. dont know if this will be same for you or it will help…i’ve since sold mine on ebay (listing its faault) to make some of the money back i spent on it. its put me completly off icandy and i raved about my cherry. the front wheels buckled on mine whilst out and with the multiple parts you have to take off to get it to collapse you can imagine the state i was in. sell it , would be my advise! unless you get a good price for repair…its not worth taking the risk that it falls apart whilst out with your child in it.


  81. AJ Says:

    Hi Luella,

    I had the same problem my icandy apple was from ebay in 2008 as my nearest stockest had closed down. I upgrades to a pear in sept 2009 and had loads of similar problems. I took my aplle/pear frame back to the shop for it tobe sent off to icandy. I was so unhappy with it I went looking for a new pram.
    The frame came back and I’m back in love with it!! icandy replaced about 6 parts all for free !!! My advise is go to you your nearest stockest and explain that you bought the pram from another shop that has closed down ( not rare in the current climate) and that icandy said to go to your nearest stockest. Remember …White lies … do not mention ebay even say that it was bought by a relative as a present and they live away!! Its sad to say but this is the only way to do it with icandy as they are quite unhelpfull and wont deal with you direct.

    Hope this helps AJ

  82. kat Says:

    Hi girls, has anyone got a spare hood that I could buy from them or know where I can get one from? I need the original apple hood (from about 2 yrs ago) that just clips onto the frame and doesnt require brackets like the new one does. I have a pear with the brackets for the hoods but bought an apple seat off ebay and it is an old style so i am struggling to get a hood. Please help xxx

  83. Wendy Says:

    Hi ladies,

    I am currently pregnant with my second child. There will be a 17 month age difference. We don’t have a car and I use the train to get around. Depending on the station and the platform, the train can be nearly a foot taller than the platform. I have a babyjogger city elite and I just got the toddler seat for it, but when my son is in the toddler seat it is quite front heavy and tips. So I am afraid to try to get it onto the train. I also have two steps at my house that I used to pull the pram up backwards, but with the toddler seat I can’t get it up the stairs.

    I am currently looking at the Phil and Ted sport or the icandy pear. But there are very few shops in Australia that sell the icandy, so I can’t really check on out in person. Can anyone who has tried one out comment on whether it would be possible to tilt the pram back to get the front wheels onto an elevated train?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks.

  84. Isobel Says:

    Hi Wendy

    To be honest, if I’d got two seats (or one seat and a carrycot) on an iCandy Pear, I wouldn’t want to try to get on to a train that was a foot higher than the platform. It’s a pretty heavy beast (although very sturdy and easy to push) but I think that’s one big step to make! It would certainly be possible to tilt it up that step, but then you’ve got to heave the other end up too! Then again, depends on you… I’m only 5’2″… if you’re a 6 footer it’ll be a lot easier for you!

    hth, Isobel

  85. stephanie Says:

    hi wendy

    i had same age gap between my 2 when i bought pear. lifting it up kerbs or steps is not a problem as it has great suspension,so you can bounce it up…what i did find an issue tho was my child(who was small for 18months)was to big for the seat(they are very short in length)so her head hit the hood…was very uncomfy…so sold it pretty soon after buying it


  86. DWilson Says:

    Hi, I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second child – I am seriously considering the i candy apple but after using 4 different pushchairs with my daughter who is nearly 3, I am not sure if this is the best choice.
    I ended up with a 3 wheeler Urban detour pushchair eventually with my daughter and still really love this pushchair .. it is heavy but with that I feel sturdy and safe and makes me feel my daughter is secure in the pushchair. I want a pushchair this time, that is compatible with an infant carrier (maxi cosi being my main choice) and also rear or forward facing seat unit (which i candy apple obviously has) – I seem to prefer 3 wheels to 4, out of the 4 pushchairs with my daughter, it wasnt until I purchased my 4th and final which was 3 wheeler that I was truly happy.

    My main concerns with the i candy apple, and other pushchairs that are similar, is the stability and sturdy feeling of these pushchairs when the seat unit and carry cot/infant seat etc is only connected in the areas they connect to the chasis – where as pushchairs that do not have removable or reversable seat unit etc may feel more secure? I know that the carry cot has an extra bar for added stability … but what is the whole overall pushchair like when there is a child in it etc ..
    I know when I went to my local stockist of i candy, the woman looked at me in a way that gave me the impression I was slightly strange and explained that if they sold pushchairs that collapsed with children inside or were not stable then surely they would be closed down and pushchairs no longer manufactured etc.. ! I know it may be a strange question, but I am one for stability and sturdiness over flimsy lightweight space saving and if I am to part with what looks like best part of £750 for the pushchair and car seat etc then I want to know I will be happy with what I am purchasing.

  87. Isobel Says:

    Hi DWilson…

    Not sure if you’re planning to put both children in the iCandy (if so, you’d need the Pear, not Apple, both have the same chassis anyway).

    I’ve found mine to be 100% sturdy and reliable, it’s like a workhorse, never tips like some 3 wheelers, but it is heavy to pick up, e.g. to put in the car, although very light to push.

    If using the Apple as a 3 wheeler, which might appeal to you more, I think someone commented above that it’s a lot easier to push with the seat facing forwards rather than towards you, as the child’s weight is distributed differently over the wheels. This doesn’t apply in 4 wheel mode. I don’t think you can use the Pear in 3 wheel mode. Given that you prefer 3 wheelers, this might not be the one for you.


  88. admin Says:

    Hi DWilson

    Just posting to say I agree 100% with Isobel (as always! :)) The Apple is a total tank in terms of stability, which was a feature I’ve always loved about it. I think the additional weight is the trade off you have to accept for this feature, really.

    But again, as Isobel says, if using it as a 3 wheeler, I found it very difficult to push when it was rear-facing (as my son started to get heavier). I used the carrycot with 4 wheels and then when my son was old enough to go into the seat unit, I switched to 3 wheels and alternated between forward and rear-facing depending on how far we were going, and how difficult I was finding it, and how much additional shopping and paraphernalia I was lugging with us!

    Are you looking at the Apple as a single pushchair for your new baby, or are you looking at it for its ability to become a pear? (i.e. baby + your elder daughter?). If it’s the former and stability is near the top of your ‘wish list’ I’d definitely recommend a closer look at the Apple.

    Louise x

  89. frankie Says:

    hiya do anyone know if they sale a travel bag for a icandy peach sweet pea?

  90. Karen Says:

    Need advise – when converting from the apple to the pear can you use the carrycot and seat on the pear/pip converter frame or do you have to buy new ones? I will have a newborn and a 2 year old and have both the carrycot and seat from the apple.


  91. Isobel Says:

    Hi Karen,

    You can use the Apple seat on the pip converter (it takes one Apple seaet and one slightly narrower Pear seat which I think you buy in the upgrade package).

    The Apple carrycot will fit on to the main chassis without the pip converter. In theory it will also fit into the pip coverter but then I don’t think the second seat unit would fit as the carrycot is too deep – anyone know any better?


  92. AJ Says:

    HI Frankie icandy dont make a travel bag for the peach yeat but if you look on ebay someone makes them to order.

    Hi Karen , TBH I wouldnt bother with the carrycot my youngest was a prem and only fitted in the yellow carrycot of the pear for about 2 weeks as there is a bar running over the babys legs on the inside I didnt like ( best have a look at one when fitted to the seat unit) Or get the blue carrycot and have your 2 year old in the smaller seat my eldest still fits in the yellow seat a 2 1/2 yrs old. I used the car seat with the pear more as i got both yellow/blue adaptors and my eldest loved sitting int he yellow seat facing forward and her brother in the car seat facing me , she could sort of see her brother . The car seat on the pear makes life easy when your out and about as getting two littles ones out of the car and happy can be a struggle if your on your own.
    kind regards AJ

  93. Catherine Says:

    Interesting reading: I have been using the iCandy Apple since baby No 1 was born in July 2007. It is only reading this site that I realise we have a bit of a dud 1st generation chassis. Wish I had complained… Oh well. We have used it almost every day with my son right up til he was 3 years old and now baby No 2 has arrived and it’s still going strong, if a little creaky!

    I use the Lascal buggy board on it with my 3 year old (he bumps his head on the large knob quite a lot) but it seems to have to be set at the max width and I wonder how strong the setting is…? Sometimes the buggy board comes adrift and – very annoyingly – when going down kerbs with the buggy board on, the brake sometimes goes down and I have to lift it by hand. You can’t operate the brake with your foot when a child is on the buggy board and this is a serious problem. I had a very near miss with a runaway buggy one day when the buggy (with baby) rolled off a kerb into a parked car and tipped over … it makes me feel ill and panicky to remember this but the baby was totally OK. Thank goodness for the Maxi Cosy car seat straps and sides. I am so paranoid about this now that I have attached a strap to the handle to wrap round my hand, Bugaboo style.

    My personal love / hate list re the Apple:
    – strong, robust, good coverage in all weathers (important in Scotland!), great for offroad walking, handles cobblestones, paths, hills and kerbs easily, LOVE the basket (I get a whole week’s shopping in there with clever packing on my hands and knees in the supermarket!), height adjustable handle is fab for tall folks, very warm, looks good, takes a lot of hard wear and tear.

    on the down side:
    – takes up a lot of space when collapsed, esp in car boot (in fact, it took up all the space in the boot of a small hire car one unfortunate holiday); steering is terrible (I am totally used to it now and I woman-handle it with brute force to get that damn front wheel to go the right direction but everyone who offers to push it soon hands it back to me. Two poor grannies find it impossible and get in a real panic crossing the road! This is a serious pain to deal with, and almost impossible to manoeuvre round tricky bits involving corners, slopes and kerbs with the 3 yr old on the buggy board – but that is more the general buggy board issue I guess); it is hard to ‘bump’ up and down steps if they are very narrow as the wheels are so big, again a problem in Edinburgh sometimes; the inability to collapse it easily with one hand on a bus means we often have to let buses go as they only let you on with folding buggies; and next… this is a real biggie for me as it can totally scupper your trip out: the air filled wheels seem prone to puncturing so I always carry the pump with me. We have mended and replaced the inner tubes on both wheels many times but to be fair, this only happened after about 3 years of use so probably my fault for weighing it down too much.

    Another thing I don’t like are the 2 plastic rain covers: the one for the Maxi Cosy car seat just blows off in high wind as there are no attachments to secure it! They clearly didn’t road test this model in Scotland in the winter…

    One other weird thing: why are the straps in the pushchair seat so long? You can’t shorten them nearly enough for a baby who has grown out of the car seat but is not yet a toddler. I don’t get it.

    My final grumble relates to handling again: it is very hard to push with one hand unless going in a straight line. I have to be very creative when I have 8 month old baby in the Apple, basket filled with shopping and the toddler walking beside me holding my hand. I use my free forearm across the bar handle so that I can lean down on the handle when I need to turn a corner and I push it with my body weight that way.

    The carry cot doubled up well as a cot for my first born – there is loads of space in it. In fact, way too much space for a tiny newborn: I had to roll up blankets around them to stop them sliding around inside it on the move.

    Lastly, I just bought a hook to clip on to the bar handle so that I can quickly clip on my handbag or extra carrier bags. It means you can carry extra stuff and it took me years to figure that out! LOL. Never had any issues with it tipping over.

    So my personal conclusions after years of use are that the Apple is great quality and very robust. Particularly good for people with storage space for it at home and cars with good size boots. Also good for country, city and all weathers … but you might want a lightweight folding buggy too.

    Even after all these complaints, I am still really pleased with it and very much hoping to get another 3 years of service from it!

  94. Sami Says:

    Your review was really helpful, if only there was more people out there like yourself that take time to leave reviews worth leaving like this one! After reading, I’ve since changed my mind on the apple and will be checking out the cherry! (As I will be in and out of car a lot, lots of taking apart and lifting!)

    Many thanks!! 🙂 x

  95. Katie Says:

    Hi, I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my first and trying to work out what pram/pushchair to get, there are so many options! I’d appreciate any advice on whether the ICandy Apple Jogger, Quinny Buzz or something else would best meet my requirements:

    – Travel system inc. carrycot and infant car seat
    – Reversible seat
    – 3 all-terrain wheels (I see you can buy a special all-terrain wheel for the Buzz) – I live in the countryside and it would need to be suitable for uneven footpaths, fields etc.
    – Small enough to fit in the boot of a Fiat Panda (I realise I might have to take the wheels off to do this)

    Also, I would probably be buying on eBay – is there any way I can tell for definite whether the Apple has the old or new chassis?

    Thanks very much

  96. ADELE Says:

    Hello there,

    I have been reading all the threads about the iCandy with great interest. I have a 4.5 month old and am trying to decide between the McLaren Techno XT stroller and the iCandy Peach.

    I am torn! I hear nothing but great reviews about the McClaren: compact, easy to use, does birth to toddler, durable and great customer support.

    However I also like the iCandy as the child can face me and because I can put a second baby (which we hope to have soon enough) in its car seat, so I can go out with both of them. But I have read a few threads on this and other boards where people have shared their experiences of terrible customer support and technical problems with the products.

    Have iCandy upped their game, are they worthy contenders to the McLaren?


  97. Geoffrey Den Says:

    We had a really excellent experience with the Cherry for our first baby and having had twins last December invested in the Peach Blossom. It has been brilliant. We actually bought it in Belgium and had a few questions so contacted their head office which is actually here in England. They could not have been more helpful – thank you ICANDY – a great experience all round – well done!!

  98. Donna Says:


    I am finding this website really helpful and I was wondering if anyone could help me with some advice. I am torn between a icandy peach or apple or a phil & teds. I think the icandy is winning but the only thing that is putting me of is the icandy looks as if a toddler would grow out of it quicker than the phil and teds. Does anyone have any experience of this or any advice would be greatly receivied. Thanks!

  99. Isobel Says:

    Hi Donna

    I had my 4 year in the iCandy and he was very comfortable – he wasn’t supposed to be in it, his 2 year old sister preferred the buggy board! I don’t think your toddler will grow out of the iCandy. 🙂

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