Silvercross add some LOVE to their pram packaging

Fri, May 23, 2008

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Got your heart set on buying a Silvercross Pram?  The celebrity world adore them, and here at Best Pram, we love them too, but we’re now predicting a whole new love affair with this distinctly British brand, courtesy of the supremely talented team at www.lovecreative.com who’ve given boring, bog-standard, pram packaging an inspired, eco-friendly twist!

Worried about the environmental impact of the many thousands of cardboard boxes ultimately destined for landfill sites once their shiny new prams had been unpacked, Silvercross went to LOVEcreative and asked them for their ideas. Their solution: “to show that a box doesn’t have to be something chucked away at the end of the day: a box can be a house, a boat, a helmet or even a rocket” is one of the most genuinely ‘simple but brilliant‘ ideas we’ve seen in a long time.

Silvercross Pram Packaging

Silvercross Pram Packaging

If you’re buying a Silvercross for the first time and don’t have any older children, nieces or nephews who can get lost for an entire summer in their new rocket, boat or spaceship, have a heart: knock on a neighbour’s door, and make another kid’s day.


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