Our first pram of the month – Zigo Leader Bike, Jogger, Stroller, Child Pod

Mon, Jul 21, 2008

Pram of the Month

Zigo in child pod modeZigo in jogger mode

The Zigo Leader bike/child pod/jogger/stroller is an unconventional choice for a Best Pram award, especially as it’s not even available to buy until August 2008, but we were so blown away by the concept that it simply had to be declared best pram’s very first award-winner… bear with me and you’ll soon see why we love it and why we really, REALLY want it!

The Zigo leader, as outlined above, is a four-mode transport solution that barely even registers on the carbon footprint richter-scale. Once shipped, the Zigo is as green as transport is ever likely to get, and is why we agree with their assertion that they are absolutely ‘changing the world’ for cost-conscious, environmentally-friendly families wishing to work, shop and play locally.

More crucially, as someone who struggled to lose the baby weight, this will be an absolute god-send for image-conscious, cycle-loving mums who have neither the time, nor childcare, to be able to just ‘pop off’ to the gym like our celebrity-mum friends.

Zigo in pedal bike mode Zigo Leader in optional double mode

Starting as a stand-alone bicycle, the Zigo can then be converted to a front-attached child trailer (child-pod), jogging stroller, and traditional stroller with barely believable ease.  According to the MyZigo website, converting from one mode to another is simply a matter of swivelling casters and attaching or detaching the ‘child pod’ trailer, which can be done in 30 seconds or less. The bike and pod also fold easily for storage.

I’ve watched the ‘My Zigo how to’ video on their website and suggest prospective purchasers do the same.  Priced at USD $1349, including a $200 deposit (note the jogger option costs an additional $66.95), the website is currently taking pre-orders for its August release, and will be available to buy direct from the New Jersey-based company or through a network of dealers including bicycle shops and baby stores. It comes 98% assembled, and shipping is available anywhere in North America, the EU and Australia.

Accessories available to purchase include a rain cover/bug screen, restraint harness, toddler headrest, storage bag (for carrying drinks, toys, mobile etc), infant carrier (suitable for carrying newborns up to 6 months of age or until they are able to sit upright) and there’s also the option to convert to a double for two-child families. Seriously, I do believe the makers have thought of everything, which is why we are beyond thrilled and delighted to give it our very first Best Pram.  Go Zigo! �

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  1. maureen Says:

    I am wondering if anyone has actually tried this? Does it feel safe? Is it easy to see the road in front of you as you are biking with the child pod in place?

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