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Mon, Dec 1, 2008

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As you’ll have gathered from the posts on this blog, I can’t help but love the bug. The Cameleon and Bee pushchairs are quirky, kooky, and have transformed our high streets, bringing some much-needed colour into an otherwise grey day when you spot one out and about. And from the stacks of emails I get from Best Pram readers, it’s clear I’m not the only one enamoured of this lovely pushchair – in which case, I’ve got some very exciting news for you all!

In recognition of its army of fans, Bugaboo have now set up their own online community dedicated to all things Bugaboo-related, called Bugaboo Friends, where current and prospective bug owners from all over the world can ‘become a friend’, hang out, upload photos, read each other’s profiles, enter competitions and share inspiration for exploring the world with baby and bug in tow. How fabulous?

Bugaboo Friends Community 

It’s very much in its infancy and is therefore a little slow to load (and I personally think a forum is conspicuous by its absence), but I’m sure there’s lots of exciting developments in store with it. And with monthly prizes for the most creative video uploaded, it’s definitely worth popping over to have a nosey at what other bugaboo owners are getting up to. You never know: it might inspire you to take a trip somewhere new!


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  1. e.cohen Says:

    just got the bee…the break on it is really bad. Doesn’t seem to stand still and flips round in a dangerous way on the bus. But love the design and so vanity wins out. also the wheels can’t hand steps and so unlike other prams I am obliged to lift it manually. bumber.

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